Roxy Jacenko cashes in with poo ad after viral jogger video

Roxy Jacenko poo jogger
Roxy Jacenko can spin anything. Photo: Diimex

Roxy Jacenko is cashing in on the publicity she got after posting that now-infamous poo jogger video.

The Sydney PR mogul has teamed up with Metamucil and was pictured on Friday shooting promotional photos and a video with a box of the product and a model dressed in a giant turd costume.

Paparazzi images show her walking out of a building with the model and posing playfully on the street, and Roxy later shared a video of herself spruiking the product on Instagram.

Roxy and poo jogger
She's teamed up with a giant turd for an ad. Photo: Diimex

Unsurprisingly, the timing is raising eyebrows and some have accused the mum-of-two of staging the poo video for publicity - however she retorts that she is only making the most of an undesirable situation.

“I guess you could say I am a serial entrepreneur, so with everything that crosses my desk, or foot in this case, I always look at a way of commercialising it,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“This was a no brainer, if you can PR shit, really you can PR anything!” And she does have a point.

Police began investigating the matter after Roxy shared the shocking CCTV footage of a jogger defecating outside her Paddington office with her 250,000 Instagram followers on Monday.

Local residents confirmed this wasn’t a one-off, with one person telling AAP that up to five human stools had been found in the area.

"One is fair enough if you're caught short - but four or five I think is too much," they said.

"The poos have come more consistently recently. But I hope the woman isn't shamed as she could possibly have a medical condition."

Poo jogger footage taken outside Roxy's Sweaty Betty
This footage taken outside Roxy's Sweaty Betty office went viral. Photo: Instagram/Roxy Jacenko

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