Round the Twist: Where is the cast of the iconic Aussie kids show now?

It's been 22 years since the show has been on TV so what happened to the actors of Round The Twist?

Round The Twist was a beloved supernatural kids' show about a family who lived in a lighthouse. It featured 14-year-old twins Pete and Linda Twist and their eight-year-old brother Bronson who lived with their widowed dad Tony Twist.

Based on the children's books of the same name by Paul Jennings, the series ran over 11 years with the first two seasons being filmed in the early '90s and the second two seasons in 2000 and 2001. Over that time, different actors were brought in to play the children and father Tony.

It's been 22 years since the show has been on TV so what happened to the actors and where are they now?

Round the Twist cast and the lighthouse
Round the Twist: Where are they now?

Tony Twist

Dad Tony was played by two actors - Richard Moir who played him in the first two seasons and Andrew S. Gilbert who played him in the second two seasons.

Richard, unfortunately, had to give up acting early after he was diagnosed with degenerative Parkinson's disease in 1990.

Richard Moir as Tony Twist in Round The Twist and in the 2022 short film Not Dark Yet.
Richard Moir as Tony Twist in Round The Twist and in the 2022 short film Not Dark Yet. Photo: YouTube

In 2007, he made a documentary of his deep brain stimulation therapy called The Bridge At Midnight Tremble.

But Richard made a return to the screen last year when he starred in the movie Not Dark Yet, made by his daughter Bonnie Moir, about an elderly man confined to a care facility with a debilitating disease who struggles with his son's abrupt departure.

He was married to Blue Healers actress Julie Nihill and they have two daughters, actress Lucy Moir and director Bonnie.

The second Tony Twist was played by Andrew S. Gilbert who was already known for his AFI Award-winning role in the movie Kiss or Kill and appearing in Aussie film The Dish.

Actor Andrew S. Gilbert In Round The Twist and in 2014
Andrew S. Gilbert took over the role of Tony Twist from Richard Moir. Photo: YouTube / Getty Images

After Round The Twist wrapped, Andrew continued acting in TV shows such as Bed of Roses and Underbelly and featured in Aussie movies Look Both Ways and Rabbit-Proof Fence. He was most recently in the 2022 film Girl At The Window and the TV show Savage River.

Pete Twist

Sam Vandenberg played the first version of Pete in series one of the show. While he did appear in an episode of Blue Heelers after Round The Twist, he then returned to his musical roots.

Sam Vandenberg In Round The Twist and more recently from his Instagram account
Sam Vandenberg played the original Pete Twist but then left acting to return to music. Photo: YouTube & Instagram/@sammyv123

Sam has been performing live in bands and solo since high school and now mentors up-and-coming musicians in Melbourne.

Ben Thomas replaced Sam as Pete in season two of the show. Ben went on to play Sean Slater in Neighbours. However, it appears his last acting job was in 1998 in an episode of State Coroner.

Ben Thomas on Round The Twist and more recently
Ben Thomas played the second Pete Twist in the show. Photo: YouTube

The final Pete was played by Rian McLean. After the show ended, Rian went on to Home and Away and then Neighbours before leaving acting.

Rian McLean on Round The Twist and in Home and Away
Rian McLean played Pete Twist for the longest but after brief stints in Home and Away and Neighbours, he left public life. Photo: YouTube

No one is sure what he is up to or where he is - not even his co-stars.

"Rian McLean has vanished off the face of the earth. No one can find him," Mathew Waters who played Bronson with Rian said on The Babble podcast in 2020.

"I have multiple times tried to see where he is on social media and if there's any way of chatting to him but can't get in touch."

Linda Twist

Tamsin West played Linda Twist in the first season of Round The Twist and as an actress, she probably had more success before she landed the role. She had already played Lucy Robinson's best friend Emma in Neighbours and starred in Frog Dreaming (also known as The Quest) with E.T.'s Henry Thomas.

Tamsin West In Round The Twist and performing the theme tune four years ago.
Tamsin West played the first version of Linda Twist and performed the theme tune four years ago. Photo: YouTube

Tamsin continued acting til the mid '90s but she has also returned to her musical roots and sings jazz in Melbourne where she lives with partner and their two daughters.

Joelene Crnogorac took over from Tamsin in season two and after she finished on the show, she continued to get roles in shows such as Ocean Girl, Raw FM and Blue Heelers. But after a while, she turned to writing instead.

Joelene Crnogorac in Round The Twist and in 2018
Joelene Crnogorac played the second Linda Twist in Round The Twist. Photo: YouTube /IMDB

"I wrote the first draft [of web series All the Way to the Top] back in 2007, so a good few years ago now. I was right in the middle of being at my hungriest in my acting career, and just getting tired of the lack of work and of the situation," she explained in 2020.

She now lives in the US with her husband and 10-year-old son and continues to work in the industry as a writer and director.

The final Linda was played by Ebonnie Masini. She appeared in a few shows after Round The Twist finished but then left acting. She instead completed a Bachelor of Fashion Design at Australia’s RMIT University before launching her own loungewear label Masini.

The mum of two girls lives in Melbourne with her husband, where she creates stunning artworks.

Ebonnie Masini in Round The Twist, more recently from her Instagram account and a piece of her art
Ebonnie Masini now keeps her creative side satisfied through fashion and art. Photo: YouTube & Instagram/@ebonniemasini

Bronson Twist

The youngest of the Twist kids, Bronson, was played by three actors: Rodney McLennan in the first season televised in 1990; Jeffrey Walker who played Bronson in the second season, televised in 1993; and finally Mathew Waters who played Bronson in the final two seasons televised in 2000 and 2001.

The three actors who played Bronson in Round The Twist
The three actors who played Bronson in Round The Twist on the show. Photo: YouTube/@TwistedLunchbox

While Rodney McLennan enjoyed his time on the show, he now lives a low-key life.

Rodney McLennan played eight-year-old Bronson in the first season of Round The Twist.
Rodney McLennan played eight-year-old Bronson in the first season of Round The Twist. Photo: YouTube/@TwistedLunchbox

"I decided I didn't want to be in the limelight," he told ABC's Radio National programme Background Briefing in 2016.

"Part of that would have been from the overall experience of being a child actor," he said. While he did do a little bit of acting after Round the Twist, the roles soon dried up.

"I was no longer a cute kid. I stopped meeting the preconceived notions of what they were looking for," he said.

In 2016, he was working as a triple zero operator and police dispatcher in Brisbane.

Jeffrey Walker played Bronson in the second season of the show and has stayed in showbiz, moving from acting to directing where he has become very successful.

TV Director Jeffrey Walker next t a TV camera and standing in a white t-shirt
Jeffrey Walker is now an acclaimed US TV director. Photo: Instagram/@jlwalk

"The funny thing is the very first show that I ever truly, truly loved... was the first season of Round The Twist," Jeffrey confessed in a Webinar in 2017. So when he got the role, he was thrilled. "I just couldn't believe that I got it because it was a show I loved watching so much."

Jeffrey is now a director of such award-winning TV shows as Bones, Modern Family, Lambs of God and most recently Young Rock. His next TV series is The Artful Dodger starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

"Internationally, television is made at a high standard," Jeffrey told the Courier-Mail in 2017. "Working in television these days is a completely joyous experience."

He and his wife, actress Brooke Harman, live in Brisbane with their three boys.

Mathew Waters was the final Bronson when the show was brought back for two seasons in 2000 and 2001. After leaving the show he continued to act, moving to the UK where he took on both TV and theatre roles.

Mathew Waters in three photos from his Instagram account
Mathew Waters moved to the UK where he worked on stage and screen and is also now a casting director. Photo: Instagram/@mathewwaters

He is living back in Australia with his wife and their two boys where he runs his casting agency.

Mathew has stayed in the industry, saying: "I don't think there is anything else I can do."

"I've tried working in retail and did real estate in between jobs but it was just not fulfilling," he told the KBS Magazine podcast in 2018.

"Working as a casting director is creative and still working in the industry," he added and he still auditions for acting jobs as well. In fact, he is one of the stars of the latest Telstra ad.

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