All About Rose Hanbury and Her Role in the Royal Rumor Mill

Rose Hanbury

For weeks, the internet has been ablaze with theories about where Kate Middleton has been and what's really going on with her health. Fueling the frenzy of speculation? Resurfaced rumors of an alleged affair between Prince William and a woman named Rose Hanbury. As the Princess of Wales remains out of the public eye, this Marchioness with an unmistakable name has been thrust back into the spotlight. Who is Rose Hanbury, and what's her connection to the royal family?

We're breaking it all down here.

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Who is Rose Hanbury?

Rose, 40, is officially Sarah Rose Cholmondeley, Marchioness of Cholmondeley (mysteriously pronounced "Chumley"—the more you know!). She's a former model and political staffer turned countryside estate manager, now overseeing her aristocratic husband's sprawling grounds. Rose keeps an extremely low profile but was thrust into the spotlight a few years ago in light of rumors of impropriety with the future king.

Those rumors caught fire again after Middleton retreated from the public eye following abdominal surgery, prompting royal watchers to speculate that Prince William's alleged affair with Hanbury had something to do with the princess' disappearance. Rose's legal team has since vehemently denied the rumors.

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Who is Rose Hanbury to the Royal Family?

Rose has longstanding ties to the royals—her grandmother was even a bridesmaid at Queen Elizabeth II's wedding in 1947! More recently, her son served as a Page of Honour at King Charles' coronation ceremony. But it's her proximity to the Wales family as their former neighbor in the country that really raised eyebrows.

Is Rose Hanbury having an affair with Prince William?

<p>Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images</p>

Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The rumor mill has been spinning for years about a supposed affair between Rose and William, said to have caused a major fallout with Kate Middleton back in 2019. Although the palace has never issued a statement on the matter, Rose's legal team has denied any improper relationship, stating the rumors are "completely false."

Even former journalist/current royal expert Omid Scobie gave the Rose/Wills gossip a mention in his bombshell book about the royal family, Endgame. But when chatting with Entertainment Tonight last November, the journalist made it clear he's just not buying what the rumor mill is selling.

"Unfortunately, if a rumor's left to kind of do its own thing it can run 20 laps around the world before you even think about ... how you want to kind of address it," he said. "They never addressed it, so those rumors will never go away even though there's no truth to suggest that they are true ... I really don't see proof that there is more to this than just a tittle-tattle, you know."

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Who is Rose Hanbury married to?

Rose has been married to David Rocksavage, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, since 2009. They met in Italy in 2003 and were engaged six years later in 2009, before marrying that same year in a private ceremony in London.

David's full title is, get this, David George Philip Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, indicating he comes from an aristocratic British family line. They reside together at Houghton Hall, the Cholmondeley family's ancestral home, described by Rose in a rare 2023 interview as a "Palladian house built in the 1720s" with interiors designed by famous architects of that era. Rose also mentioned needing time to adjust when they first moved into the grand estate after marrying in 2009, saying, "Moving anywhere feels awkward at first, and it took me a while to adjust and feel at home."

Who's the father of Rose Hanbury's children?

Rose shares three children with her husband David: 15-year-old twins Alexander Hugh George Cholmondeley, Earl of Rocksavage and Lord Oliver Timothy George Cholmondeley; and their 8-year-old daughter, Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley. Those are some names!

How old is Rose Hanbury?

Rose Hanbury was born Sarah Rose Gillian Hanbury on March 15, 1984, making her 40 years old. Her husband, meanwhile, will be 64 in June.

Are Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury friends?

For years, Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury appeared to be extremely close. The two aristocratic ladies lived nearby on neighboring country estates and were frequently seen together at social events and with their children. Rose even scored a coveted invite to Kate and William's royal wedding back in 2011.

However, the friendship is rumored—emphasis on rumored— to have crumbled in 2019 amid explosive rumors that Prince William had an affair with Rose. Reports emerged of a falling out between the two women, with Kate allegedly cutting ties completely. Insiders claimed Kate didn't want to see her anymore and pushed William to phase them out from their circle. Neither Kate nor Rose ever publicly addressed the falling out or the nature of their prior friendship, so, truly, very little is known.

What has Prince William said about Rose Hanbury?

Prince William has not issued any public statements about Rose specifically. Kensington Palace has stayed mum on addressing the affair rumors directly.

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What has Rose Hanbury said about affair rumors?

For years, Rose remained tight-lipped about the swirling gossip. But just recently, on March 18, 2024, her legal team issued a firm statement to Business Insider: "The rumors are completely false."

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