Ronan Keating: Australia needs a 'rest' from singing competitions

Anita Lyons
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Irish singer Ronan Keating needs a rest – and it’s not from television.

The Boyzone singer, who is about to captain the new Channel 7 television show All Together Now, thinks Australia is ready for a change in reality TV singing competitions.

Ronan Keating thinks Australia should take a rest with the TV singing competition shows. Source: Getty

“We are all exhausted with reality TV shows and singing shows and judges sitting up there and speaking down to artists and performers,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“We are exhausted by backstories and the emotional attachment stuff. I am not saying to stop it — I just think a rest is a good idea.”

Ronan was a judge on The Voice. Source: Channel 9

Despite having been a judge on both X Factor Australia and The Voice Australia, Ronan revealed he is disappointed by the way the shows ‘recycle contestants’.

“They keep regurgitating talent here on these shows,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

“I saw The Voice last night, and Trent [Bell] was in one of my bands on X Factor, and Jacinta Gulisano was in a duo I had as well, so it was like, ‘Jesus Christ … all of these people I’ve seen before’.”

So what about his new show?

“We are not promising the world to these people. We are not trying to make them global superstars or give them record deals,” he said. “It is just about getting up, having a bit of fun and we will give you $100,000 if you are good enough.”

All Together Now sees singers perform to a panel called ‘The 100’ which is captained by Ronan.

Ronan (with co-host Julia Zemiro) will be “captain” of ‘the 100’ on the Australian ‘All Together Now’ series. Source: Seven

If the ‘the 100’ like what they hear, they get up and join in. The more that join in, the more points they get. Simples.

“It is a breath of fresh air,” he said.

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