Robert Irwin reveals Steve's surprise 'alter ego': 'Ridiculous'

Robert Irwin was only two years old when his dad Steve Irwin died in 2006, but the 18-year-old still has some very vivid and fond memories of his dad, sharing a hilarious story about the Croc Hunter in a new interview.

In a photoshoot and interview with Stellar, Robert revealed himself as the fashionable Irwin, looking almost unrecognisable in the pics.

Robert Irwin and Steve Irwin
Robert Irwin has revealed that his father Steve Irwin had a surprising 'alter ego' that he'd use to get around Australia Zoo unrecognised. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

Robert shared that his mum Terri and sister Bindi often tease him for his trendy wardrobe, adding that while he loves experimenting with fashion, he feels most at home in his Australia Zoo khakis.

"My dad wasn’t exactly a fashion icon, but he was iconic just in the fact that he made khaki cool," he told the publication.


Robert adds that wearing the uniform allows him to feel a sense of connection to his father, saying it helps him feel a "sense of purpose".

He adds that he's not afraid to take risks with fashion because it's when it's wearing something a little out of the ordinary that people are more likely to not recognise him – a tip he picked up from Steve.

"He had an alter ego called Glenn Glamour," Robert shared. "He would put in false teeth, a wig, this ridiculous multicoloured trench coat, the weirdest pants and really sketchy sneakers.

"And that’s how he would get around the zoo and no one would notice him because he was just wearing the most ridiculous thing. So, ironically, the more exciting and experimental you are with your fashion, the less people will recognise you – at least for me."

Robert's fans and famous friends were certainly surprised when they saw him in his first fashion shoot, with many sharing their support on his Instagram.

"Well howdy doody handsome lad," singer Amy Shark commented.

Robert Irwin
Robert says he enjoys experimenting with fashion and that people often don't recognise him when he's wearing anything other than his khakis. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

"Get it little bro!! Giving Scott Eastwood in Wildest Dreams with Taylor Swift!" Ellie Gonsalves added.

"Looking sharp!" The Wiggles' John Pearce wrote, while Rove McManus added, "Great pics!"

"Ummmmm hello gorgeous..." one fan wrote.

"Then all of a sudden little Robert is now a man," another added.

"What In the GLOW UP?" a third wrote, while a fourth joked that they'd "never recover from this cover shoot".

"He didn't choose the model life..." someone else wrote.

Others questioned whether there was anything he can't do, while some wrote that they expected to see him in movies soon.

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