Robert Irwin 'rejects' tourist's bold pick-up attempt at Australia Zoo

Robert Irwin has been "flattered" by an American tourist who boldly asked the wildlife warrior for his phone number while visiting Australia Zoo.

In a video posted on TikTok, which has received more than 450,000 likes, the woman gets Robert's attention and waves him over.

"I think you're so cool and I was wondering if I could have your number," she said.

As people in the background laugh at the bold move, Robert says he is "very flattered" before asking the woman where she is from.

The woman said she was from the US state of Utah.

"Cool, yeah, nah Utah's great," Robert responded.

Robert Irwin speaks to the woman at Australia Zoo.
Robert Irwin politely 'rejected' the US tourist. Source: TikTok/Megan Glass

He then told her the best way to get in touch with him was through his DMs on Instagram.

"Then my people can look at it and monitor it and see what comes through because my number's hit and miss," he said.

She replied: "Oh my God this is so random but I actually DM'd you last night to tell you I was coming here today."

Robert then said, "Oh no", before asking the woman for her name.


"Megan Grass," she responded before Robert said he would "look it up" before giving her a thumbs up and walking away.

After posting the video on TikTok, a number of followers brutally told her that Robert had turned her down.

"Bro (in the most polite way) said 'no'," one commented.

"He took the scenic route to 'no'," another said.

"He's trying to turn you down so politely. Just let it go," a third added.

"This was the most wholesome rejection I've ever seen," somebody else said.

While it was a bold attempt to attract the wildlife warrior, it may have been one that could have paid off for her after his sister Bindi met her husband Chandler Powell in 2013 when his family took a private tour of the zoo in Queensland.

They didn't start dating until July 2015, after Chandler reached out to Bindi's mother Terri to ask if he could take her out.

They got engaged in 2019 before welcoming their daughter Grace in March last year.

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