Robert and Bindi Irwin surprise fans with 'iconic' Halloween costumes

Fans have declared that Robert and Bindi Irwin have ‘won’ Halloween this year after they shared a number of photos on social media showing off their hilarious group costume.

Along with Bindi’s husband Chandler Powell and their daughter Grace Warrior, the family dressed up as characters from the US sitcom The Office.

Chandler Powell, Bindi and Robert Irwin dressed as characters from The Office.
Chandler Powell, Bindi and Robert Irwin dressed as characters from The Office for Halloween. Photo: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

Robert wore a mustard yellow shirt, grey tie and glasses with his hair parted in the middle as Dwight Schrute and posed in the snaps holding two beetroots.

Meanwhile, Bindi dressed in all black with cat ears and whiskers drawn on her face to look like Pam Beasley in the season two Halloween episode.

She also held a gold Dundie Award, similar to the one Michael Scott hands his employees.


For Chandler’s costume, he wore black pants, a black tie and a white shirt with three cardboard black dots stuck on to copy Jim Halpert’s Three Hole Punch Jim outfit.

The trio showed off their looks while posing in a real office next to a photocopier and a fire alarm, with Robert holding a fire extinguisher in one snap.

Grace also joined in on the action and sported a white t-shirt emblazoned with the text ‘World’s Best Boss’, which is featured on Michael Scott’s coffee mug in the show.

Chandler Powell, Bindi and Robert Irwin dressed as characters from The Office / Grace Warrior Powell wearing a ‘World’s Best Boss’ t-shirt.
Grace Warrior Powell fit the theme with a ‘World’s Best Boss’ t-shirt. Photos: Instagram/robertirwinphotography


Robert, Bindi and Chandler each shared a gallery of Halloween snaps on their individual Instagram accounts, with Robert writing: “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”

“Our boss is making us work late again, lucky she’s so cute,” Bindi captioned her post. “(Swipe for our World’s Best Boss) Happy Halloween from #TheOffice.”

In Chandler’s caption, he quoted Michael Scott’s famous line: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little ‘stitious.”

The family’s famous followers rushed to the comments to applaud their looks, including The Wiggles’ Tsehay Hawkins who said it was “iconic”.

“Brilliant,” Rove McManus replied, followed by David Campbell who said, “I salute this tribute”.

Bindi and Robert Irwin dressed as characters from The Office.
Fans labelled the group costume as ‘iconic’. Photos: Instagram/bindisueirwin / robertirwinphotography

‘Best costumes ever’

“Grace’s facial expression as the boss is so perfect,” one fan commented, while another added, “That’s a boss I’d actually be happy to work for

“Chandler is Three Hole Punch Jim… so good!!” someone else remarked, with a different user writing, “Robert as Dwight is perfect!”

“Oh my gosh. Best costumes ever. Nailed it,” another shared.

Last year the Irwin-Powell family wore ’60s-inspired outfits to celebrate Grace’s first Halloween, with Chandler in a tie-dye t-shirt and the mother-daughter pair rocking matching flower crowns.

Meanwhile, Robert dressed as Marvel character Loki for Halloween 2021 and posed with an alligator wearing similar gold headgear.

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