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Rick and Morty Oodies are here and you can get up to $30 off

If you are a fan of the animation Rick and Morty then get ready to get schwifty with the latest Oodie collection.

The label has once again teamed up with the cult series to produce a range of warm and cosy Oodies covered in graphics from the sci-fi cartoon.

You'll have to be quick though as with over 1 million Oodie fans who love Rick and Morty, these beauties are flying off the shelves.

Three people model different styles of Rick and Morty themed Oodies.
Oodie have launched a new range of Rick and Morty Oodies. These three are now $104, down from $129. Photo: Oodie

While we may be exiting the pandemic, Aussies are not ready to give up their hoodie blanket hybrid with its soft yet warm fleece just yet so it's perfect time to get a new Oodie at a discounted rate.

The most popular items from the collection are the Rick and Morty Spring Oodie, Grey Oodie and Tren Pack Oodie, which were $129 and are now just $104.

The Rick and Morty Lime Oodie and the Ricktanical Oodie are now $99, down from $129.

Three people model two styles of Rick and Morty Oodie and a Rick and Morty sleep tee all
The lime green and the Ricktanical Oodies are on sale for $99 instead of the full price of $129 while the pickle sleep tee is just $74 saving you $25. Photo: Oodie

And the Rick and Morty Oodie Sleep Tee is just $74 saving you $25.

These Oodies are cosy enough to wear around the house but also cool enough that you won't be looked down on if you have to answer the door or a friend pops around!

It is this cosy and cool combination that has made the brand so popular.


In fact, The Oodie has turned over more than $400 million since launching four years ago – not bad for it's 27-year-old founder Davie Fogarty who didn't even finish university!

His success didn't just happen overnight though.

"When I first started, I was really strategic and had learnt from the mistakes I made in previous business ventures that had ultimately failed," Davie revealed.

"Loungewear in particular has grown in popularity since the pandemic and we found there was a strong appetite for Oodies and other items over the last 18 months," he said.

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