Reese Witherspoon roasted over 'gross' act on TikTok: 'Dangerous'

"You can get seriously sick."

Reese Witherspoon was left surprised over the weekend when she shared a video to TikTok where she created an iced drink made with fresh snow that had fallen outside her house.

"Snow days were made for Chococinnos," she wrote alongside the video that showed her getting snow from her yard and making the drink.

Reese Witherspoon on TikTok
Fans have roasted Reese Witherspoon after she shared a 'gross' act on TikTok, with some saying it's 'dangerous'. Photo: TikTok/reesewitherspoon

"We got a ton of snow over the past few days. We decided to make a recipe," Reese said in the video. "So, first, we scooped the snow into cups, and we added salted caramel syrup and some chocolate syrup. And then we decided to add some cold brew."

Her followers took to Instagram, saying eating snow from outside could "make you seriously sick" and that the snow is "very dirty".

"No, no, no... snow is not made to eat... you can get seriously sick," one user wrote.


"Fallen snow can be very dirty from the air and wind but who cares," another said. "You only live once. I remember eating snow as a kid."

"I thought eating snow was like dangerous to our health 😭," a third added.

"Isn’t snow dirty?" a fourth wrote.

Some also shared that they used to eat 'snow cream' as kids, which involves adding vanilla and milk to the snow.

"I’ve just always heard the first snow brings down all the junk in the air," one user wrote. "But we still made snow cream."

"I work in a middle school, and every year, we do the melted snow experiment where we put snow in a coffee filter! It is dirty, unfortunately," another said.

Others said that they'd only been taught to avoid yellow snow as kids, while some said that birds and other animals could have contaminated the snow.

Reese was quick to respond to the people saying the snow was dirty, telling them she microwaved some and it looked clear, asking, "Is this bad?".

In another video, she continued, "We're kind of in the category of, 'You only live once,' and it snows maybe once a year here?".

The star also laughed, adding, "Also, I want to say something...It was delicious!".

In yet another video, Reese laughed, saying that as a child, she would put her mouth on the hose outside and drink from that, so she isn't very worried about the snow not being 'filtered'.

"So, what you're saying to me is that I have to filter the snow before I eat it?" she asked her followers through giggles. "I just can't! I can't filter snow, I don't know how to do that!"

Many others defended the star, with one user saying she did all the things Reese described, adding, "And we are still alive!"


"My entire family grew up making snow ice cream multiple times every winter," another added. "13 of us never once got sick from it. And it was the best."

"It builds the immune system 😂 It's fine, we're all fine!" a third said.

John Pomeroy, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, told NPR that it's fine to eat snow, but you probably want to wait until a few hours into the snowfall, as the first few hours' snow will act as a "scrubbing brush" for the pollutants in the air. The longer the snow falls, the lower the pollution levels in the air, meaning less pollutants in the snow.

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