Reese Witherspoon's 20-Year-Old Son Was Her Red Carpet Date, and Their IGs Are So Cute

Reese Witherspoon's 20-Year-Old Son Was Her Red Carpet Date, and Their IGs Are So Cute

Today in Heartwarming Reese Witherspoon Moments That Restore Our Faith in Humanity: Earlier this afternoon, the Morning Show actor took to social media to share tons of truly sweet Golden Globes ~content~, including two posts that feature her date for the ceremony, son Deacon Reese Phillippe. In one touching snap, the mother-son duo can be seen together at their table, with the 20-year-old leaning his head towards his mother.

"What a magical night celebrating so many talented artists @goldenglobes 💫@deaconphillippe 💗," the celeb captioned the post.

And in a second post-show tribute, Reese shared yet another cute, behind-the-scenes moment of herself and her son leaving their hotel suite in order to head over to the event. "Look, it's like our pregame. We're walking through the tunnel," Deacon tells his mom in the clip.

"Yeah? Do they play like the NFL music?" the actor asks in response as she begins to sing the theme song from Rocky.

"That's not the song," Deacon proceeds to tell his mom as they enter an elevator. "Well, what's the song?" the actor asks before her son realizes the tune she's singing and says, "Oh wait, no. No, that's Rocky!"

"Ok bye!" Reese sweetly says with a laugh before the two make their way to the ceremony.

Honestly? The only thing cuter than the whole moment is the actor's caption, which reads, "This may be our new family theme song, y’all! 🎶 I loved this pre @goldenglobes moment together ✨." Oh, *and* the duo's IRL moment on the red carpet, obvi!

While at the event itself, Deacon revealed all the tips his mom shared with him ahead of the big night. "There’s two main things," he began during his convo with Variety. "Gum, hand sanitizer, and be nice to everyone. And that's it!"

Then, when asked whether he had a curfew for the evening, Deacon laughed and dished, "Curfew? I don't know, we'll see. I'm following her tonight. She’s the party animal, and so I’m going to just try and keep up." Truly couldn't be more obsessed with these two if we tried!

P.S. Another Reese moment from last night we're still actively recovering from? When the actor was asked to "confirm" whether a third season of Big Little Lies was in the works and she revealed she's currently "hard at work" on the project and that "[Nicole Kidman] and I have been working on it a lot"—news that left us all like:

Anyway! Head right on over this way for more deets on the bombshell news, which will fully have us in a chokehold for the next 24-48 hours:

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