Reese Witherspoon Defends 'Weird' Nickname for Laura Dern

Reese Witherspoon (L) and Laura Dern.

Reese Witherspoon has a special nickname for her good friend Laura Dern, but their Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman just doesn't understand it.

While Witherspoon, 48, was chatting with Kidman, 56, in a new video for Vanity Fair published earlier this week, Kidman confessed that she isn't a fan of the nickname Witherspoon uses for Dern, as the Legally Blonde actress often refers to her friend by only her last name.

"I hate how you call her Dern," Kidman expressed, telling Witherspoon, "It sounds so weird."

"I'm always like, 'Laura,' and you're like, 'No, Dern, Dern,' and I'm like, 'Why?'" Kidman added.

But apparently, Witherspoon has reasoning for her nicknaming ways.

The Morning Show star went on to explain why she doesn't call the 57-year-old by her first name, sharing, "Cause my name is Laura, and her name's Laura and it's confusing to me."

Kidman was then reminded that Witherspoon's real name is Laura Jean, prompting her to let out a big "Ohhhh "in response.

"That's right!" Kidman replied.

"So I get confused, so I just call her Dern," Witherspoon continued, joking, "We can't both be Laura."

"But she doesn't call you Laura, though," Kidman pointed out, before Witherspoon fired back, "You're trying to understand something that doesn't make sense."

The Being the Ricardos star then backtracked, telling her friend, "I'll stay out of the weeds," when it comes down to Witherspoon's nicknaming habits.

Witherspoon, whose full name is really Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon, shortened her name when she got into show business. She ended up using her mom Betty's maiden name, Reese, as her first name, giving her the stage name we know her by today.

But apparently, she very much still feels like a Laura!

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