Ree Drummond Delights With Rare Photo of Lookalike Sister

Ree Drummond poses for a picture with sister Betsy and their dad William. ABOVE: 'The Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond attends HGTV's "Home By Novogratz" Season 2 Premiere Party.

Ree Drummond's family genes must run strong, as her sister looks just like her–and they both are practically spitting images of their father.

The trio posed for a sweet photo together while out and about in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, where the Drummond family's ranch has been located for many, many years. Ree stood between her sister, Betsy, and their dad, William, while enjoying some father-daughter time at P-Town Pizza, a local Italian joint.

For the family affair, Ree rocked a navy blue floral shirt with skinny jeans and tan ankle boots. Betsy, who stood to The Pioneer Woman host's left, was seen sporting a bright green shirt, straight-leg jeans, reddish-brown sandals and a matching belt. As for their dad, he wore a cherry-red polo shirt, khaki slacks, black loafers and a matching belt.

See the cute family portrait!

While the Food Network star's sister and father rarely appear on her social media, Ree regularly shares updates on her all-grown-up kids, dogs and life on the ranch.

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Recently, the 55-year-old food blogger dished on husband Ladd's cowboy breakfast–and what he grabs as he's headed out the door may surprise you, considering he's married to a celebrity chef and all.

According to statements shared on Instagram by the cookbook author, her husband doesn't eat a sit-down meal when he rises before work. Instead, he grabs a single Dr Pepper and gets straight to work. It isn't until Ree delivers a hot meal mid-morning that the dedicated rancher actually sits down to eat.

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