'Violently gross' penis wedding cake shamed: 'So trashy'

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

After the bride’s wedding gown and perhaps the venue, the cake is often the pièce de résistance of a couple’s big day.

Well, a pair of unnamed newlyweds have made a splash at their beachside nuptials when they opted for an unusual and x-rated cake design.

The eye-catching creation features a life-sized depiction of the bride’s hand - complete with engagement ring - grasping, well ... a replica of her beloved’s erect penis. Yep.

This bride and groom's penis wedding cake is being slammed online. Photo: Reddit/SuperterraneanAlien.

Photos of the racy dessert - and the happy couple who tied the knot in their swimmers - were shared by Reddit user SuperterraneanAlien on Thursday.

“Absolutely shaming this,” the user wrote in the post.

“The caption was ‘not gonna lie she captured more than just my heart,’” they added. We assume ‘she’ is the blushing bikini-clad bride, who is pictured holding the ballsy baked treat.

To their credit, the newly-minted husband and wife retained some of the hallmarks of a traditional wedding cake with white icing, a white bow, and a white frill around the bottom.

Was the newlywed's barely-there attire inspired by Pamela Anderson's 2006 wedding to Kid Rock? Photo: Getty Images.

But it wasn’t enough to stop fellow Reddit users from sharing their scathing opinion of the “trashy” pair’s taste in cake.

“It’s violently gross, idk what goes through these people’s heads. Probably not a lot,” one wrote.

“Trashy... but I still think it’s freaking hilarious,” said another.

“I feel bad for the person who had to take the order for that cake,” piped up one.

Another was confused as the colour of the fake phallus appeared to contrast with the groom’s deeply tanned skin, asking, “Why is the penis white???”

“The guy is white, he just has an awful fake tan,” explained another Redditor.

Anyone for a slice?

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