'Controlling' husband's rant backfires

Penny Burfitt
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A husband has felt the wrath of the internet after his angry rant about his wife’s tattoo backfired in the most epic way.

The man in question took to Reddit to ask for advice after his wife chose to get a tattoo on her hand, a decision that made him ‘extremely mad’.

He explained that while he was ‘totally okay’ with her love of tattoos, he had a few conditions.

“(The only place) I would mind very much was on her hands, face and neck and she was totally okay with it and said she would never get any tattoos on those places,” he explained.

“So this week was my wife birthday and for her birthday present I gave her two tattoos that she wanted to get done,” he continued.

His wife went ahead and got the two pieces done, but had an extra surprise for her husband, that went down like a lead balloon.

“She sent a picture of her hand tattooed saying that the guy gave it for her for free,” the husband said.

He went on to describe the impact of the decision, saying the couple have barely spoken since, after he became furious over the spur of the minute decision.

The husband and wife have 'barely spoken since the tattoo. Photo: Getty Images

Many users disagreed with the man, pointing out that as the owner of the hand in question the wife shouldn’t need his permission to decorate it.

“You don't get to dictate what she puts on her body. Period,” one user wrote. “It's not up for "agreement". It's not yours to dictate.”

“Let her live! Who cares if YOU don’t like it.. it’s not your hand,” another wrote.

Another pointed out that while the woman backtracked on a promise, it’s very existence was problematic.

“Why did you care originally, seems like a silly thing to dictate? She should have been more honest but perhaps she knows you would not approve ever,” they said.

User's are divided over the woman's choice, and the promise she made. Photo: Getty Images

Many sympathised with his cause however, pointing out that his wife broke a promise.

“She went back on a promise. You’re not an a**hole for your feelings,” one sympathised.

“Literally the one place u guys agreed she woudnt (sic) get tattooed, she got tattooed,” another said. “She obv doesn’t respect you or that agreement you guys made enough to honor it.”

The sticky situation was exacerbated by the pre-exisiting agreement, but the woman ultimately had the final say over her own body.

Looks like this couple have some problem solving to do, and dare we say it; this might be about more than a little tattoo.

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