This rechargeable light bulb hack will solve your messy cord problems

One woman has absolutely stunned the internet after sharing her light styling hack, and people can't get enough of it.

After discovering rechargeable light globes online, the woman shared how she effortlessly styled her side table, minus ugly and messy lamp cords.

Rechargeable light bulb in cordless lamp
Say goodbye to ugly cords. These rechargeable light globes are a game-changer. Source: Facebook.

Taking to social media to share her find, the woman said she was embarrassed to admit she’d only just discovered it.

“I was today years old when I realised I could actually have lamps on my side tables without the need to run ugly cords across the room, thanks to rechargeable light bulbs,” she wrote.

“So of course I made a Kmart run for the Leo table lamps and added some IKEA light shades. Now I can't wait for it to get dark!”

Cordless lamp and rechargeable light globe
By using a rechargeable light globe, the savvy shopper was able to remove the cord from her lamp. Source: Facebook

But to her surprise, she wasn't the only one who hadn't heard of the clever little light hack.

Hundreds of others said they had no idea rechargeable light bulbs existed and shared their excitement at the fact they could easily purchase them online.

“I had no idea that was even a thing! Such a great idea. I moved our entire bed around the room to make sure the lamp could be plugged in without the need for extension cords,” one person commented.

“Wait... You are telling me there are such things as rechargeable light bulbs?!? Oh, this is very exciting!” added another.

“What is this wizardry you speak of?! Rechargeable light globes? Where do I get some, please? Your styling is beautiful,” commented a third.


How do they work?

Needless to say, the woman's post was also flooded with questions about where you can buy rechargeable light bulbs and exactly how they work.

“Just for those who are confused. Yes, they are actually real,” the woman confirmed.

Cordless lamp in living room with fireplace
"Your styling is beautiful," commented one Facebook user on the woman's post. Source: Facebook

She added that she purchased the lamp from Kmart, the shades from IKEA and the rechargeable light bulbs from Amazon.

“I cut the cords off because the whole point is that I wanted the lamps to be cordless,” she said.

The battery-powered bulbs have been designed to be energy-efficient and assist in a blackout or as emergency lighting if needed.

Where can you get them?

While there are a few different rechargeable globe options available, the most efficient ones last for eight to 10 hours and come with a recharging unit.

LED Magic Bulb from Amazon, $18.99

These bulbs can be used as a lamp bulb, flashlight, or emergency light and come with an internal rechargeable lithium battery.

The newly designed LED bulbs can last six to eight hours after being fully charged and come with remote control. They are available in both cool and warm white.

Amazon has light bundles available too, with a two-pack available for $30.99.

rechargeable lights
LED Magic Bulb. Source: Amazon

Philips Battery Backup Bulb from Bunnings, $20

This Bunnings option can be used for over three hours and comes as a Bayonet Cap globe.

The rechargeable LED bulb offers battery backup in case of a power outage and comes as a seven-watt globe in warm white.

Philips Battery backup bulb
Philips Battery backup bulb. Source: Bunnings

Energy Saving Rechargeable Intelligent Light Bulb from eBay, $14.40

This option from eBay can be used as an emergency light or as a normal light globe.

The nine-watt energy-saving bulb can be turned on and off by a wall or lamp switch and can also come with a hook to use for emergency lighting.

Energy saving rechargable bulb
Energy-saving rechargeable bulb. Source: eBay.

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