Rebel Wilson Shares Unfiltered Opinion of Ozempic After Trying Controversial Drug

Rebel Wilson

As she opens up about her life in a book coming out soon, Rebel Wilson shared her thoughts on the controversial drug Ozempic, often used for weight loss, in a new interview.

Wilson spoke with The Sunday Times about the drug, admitting to trying it herself before deciding to quit later. Although she doesn't use Ozempic anymore, that doesn't mean she's not a fan.

"Someone like me could have a bottomless appetite for sweets, so I think those drugs can be good," she said, showing support for the use of Ozempic, Wegovy, and similar medical drugs. Other celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Oprah Winfrey have also voiced support for the drugs.

It's unclear how much of a role Ozempic played in Wilson's major weight loss, which she previously credited to the Mayr method, avoiding sugar and exercising often, among other things.

Wilson talked about what drove her to lose weight, noting that her doctor said she would have a better chance of success with in vitro fertilization (IVF) if she was slimmer.

Touching on self-esteem and how she sees herself, Wilson explained, “I feel strongly that young women shouldn’t try to obsess over looking like Victoria’s Secret models — they should just look like themselves."

The actress recently updated fans on her health journey on Instagram, noting that she gained a bit of the weight back ahead of the release of her memoir, Rebel Rising.

"Working really hard has meant that, coz of all the stress, I’ve gained 14kg’s (30 pounds)! It makes me feel bad about myself…it shouldn’t…but it does," she said alongside a few shots from the hot tub of a boat.

After noting that she's "really proud" of the work she's doing for films and her book, she added, "It’s just been a LOT and I’ve lost focus on my healthy lifestyle. Anyone else going through the same thing?"

Fans flooded the comment section with words of support and their own stories, with Wilson later updating the post to thank everyone for their kind words.

Along with her upcoming book Rebel Rising coming out on April 2, Wilson is enjoying life as a mother to daughter Royce, who was born in late 2022, with fiancée Ramona Agruma.

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