What’s the Rarest Zodiac Sign? Astrologers Spill the Cosmic Tea!

Rarest Zodiac Sign Traits and Personality

Ever wondered which zodiac sign is the rarest? Hint: it’s the rebellious and free-spirited Aquarius. Each zodiac sign has its own unique quirks and traits, but Aquarius stands out as the least common—and not just because of their cool and free-spirited personality. The numbers are in, and they truly are hidden gems among us. So, why is Aquarius the rarest zodiac sign, and how does that influence their personality, goals, love life, dreams, and ambitions? Let’s dive into why this sign is so rare and what makes Aquarians so special.

What Is the Rarest Zodiac Sign?

Of all the signs you could be born under, the rarest is Aquarius. This rarity is due to the overlap period between January and February being the shortest astrologically, resulting in fewer people being born during this timeframe. Official U.S. population reports show that this period usually has the least number of births. So, if you were born between January 20 and February 18, there’s a reason you might feel different than others.

What Makes Aquarius So Unique? Traits of the Rarest Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac and 11th among all the other signs. Co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, discipline, and structure, as well as Uranus, the rebellious change-maker, Aquarius is known to challenge the status quo. People born under the Aquarius sign are the progressive and independent humanitarians of the zodiac.

While everyone else follows along, Aquarians are not afraid to question authority and the systems at play to create a more fair and equitable situation. What makes them particularly difficult to understand is that no two Aquarians are alike. As an air sign, they are highly flexible and can easily shapeshift depending on the situation. Their need to defy expectations and norms is their greatest strength and biggest mystery.

Who Clicks with Aquarius? Best Matches for This Rare Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is the zodiac's fixed air sign, and they often like to play the field in love. They’re very particular about who they give their attention and are attracted to curious, rebellious, and interesting people who push them to get outside their comfort zone. So, they’ll always pair well with fellow air signs like Libra or Gemini–as well as passionate and bold fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius.

Aquarius and Leo can be the most interesting and explosive relationship of them all. These two are sister signs, which means they sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. So when they come together, they know how to fan the other's flames or get under their skin. If these two characters can figure out how to communicate their feelings and work on seeing things from the other's point of view, the chemistry between Aquarius and Leo can be a once-in-a-lifetime match.

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What is the Second Rarest Zodiac Sign?

Ambitious and pioneering Capricorn comes in at second place of the rarest zodiac signs of the bunch. Much like Aquarius, the reason for this is due to low birth rates between Christmas and the weeks following New Year’s Day. And much like Aquarius–Capricorn is also influenced by Saturn, the planet of karma and tough lessons. So, it’s interesting to think how the two rarest signs of the zodiac often deal with feelings of isolation, struggle, and loneliness as they learn to mature into their gifts. They may feel like nobody else can relate to their struggle, and due to the rarity of their signs, they’re not entirely wrong!

Which Zodiac Signs Are the Most Common and Why?

The most common birthdays typically occur during Virgo season. Now, by the sheer numbers, Virgo might be the most common zodiac sign, but they’re anything but basic. As the mutable earth sign of the zodiac, Virgo has all the stable and practical qualities of fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn–with a more flexible approach to how they get things done (thanks to their mutable nature). Reliable, flexible, level-headed, and yeah, a little bit of a perfectionist–there’s a reason Virgo runs the world.

Cool, charming, and cunning–Scorpio also tops the list of the most common zodiac signs. And the reason for this will make you blush. While birth rates are low in February, when Aquarius season falls, things heat up under the covers as couples celebrate their love with one another. Nine months later, you can expect to see a spike in births in the middle of Scorpio season. There’s a reason these folks are known for their passion and romantic ways, as many of them were born from moments of celebration and joy!

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