Radio star Fifi Box racks up $500,000 phone bill on her work phone

Radio star Fifi Box has opened up about the moment she discovered she’d racked up a $500,000 bill on her work phone.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Fifi, who hosts 101.9's The Fox radio show alongside Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody, said the whole thing happened five years ago, when her daughter, Trixie, was just a baby.

Fifi Box speaking into a microphone on air
Fifi Box has revealed the moment she found out she had racked up $500,000 on her work phone. Photo: Instagram/Fifi Box

“I was so into Game of Thrones that once the baby was asleep I would be lying there watching episodes and falling asleep, not knowing the Wi-Fi would be dropping out and my data was on,” Fifi revealed.

“So I came back to Melbourne and it was close to half a million dollars in a phone bill. That was a scary time, I did not want to see that.”

Fifi said the chat she had with her boss about the bill “was not fun” and while she’s unaware what happened after that, she got asked to turn her data off.


The radio host is also a mum to two-year-old Daisy-Belle and recently dedicated her children’s book, called Minty Gray and the Strangely Good Day, to her daughters.

Fifi Box poses with her two daughters
Fifi was away in Fiji and started watching Game of Thrones. Photo: Instagram/Fifi Box

“I wrote this story because as the mum of two girls growing up in an image [and] appearance obsessed world,” she wrote on Instagram in July.

“I want them to celebrate their uniqueness and always look at themselves in the mirror with love.

“I hope that all kids love the skin they're in and not want to look like anyone else.

Fifi is set to appear on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars this year and recently shared a video of the reality of trying to juggle it all.

Fifi Box holding up a children's book
She recently dedicated her children's book to her daughters. Photo: Instagram/Fifi Box

“Dance training today was more horizontal than I think its supposed to be… #MummasTired,” she wrote, alongside the footage of her lying on the floor asleep.

After announcing she would be appearing on the show, 14 years after her first stint on the series, Fifi said she was struggling with the fitness levels required.

“I’m three days into dance practice and it’s the first time I’ve moved my body since before I was pregnant and every muscle is killing me,” she said.

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