Teen unrecognisable after losing half her body weight

Kristine Tarbert
Josephine has lost 60kgs in 12 months. Photo: Youtube

Queensland teen Josephine Desgrand is unrecognisable after losing a over 60kgs in just 12 months.

The 19-year-old had ballooned to 120kgs by the time she was just 16, but she’s now half the person she was thanks to diet and exercise.

“I'm very proud of my transformation, it was done with pure dedication and determination.. no magic pill, no surgery,” Josephine has shared with her followers on Instagram.

At her heaviest she weighed 120kgs. Photo: Instagram

Josephine says she was constantly bullied and suffered from depression but had tried a number of different diets without success.

“I tried dieting many times, I thought surgery was going to be my only option. But I did this naturally,” she added in a motivational video posted to her YouTube channel in 2018.

The QLD teen was bullied and suffered depression before her lifestyle change. Photo: Youtube
'I'm half the person I used to be,
She says the biggest factor was her diet. Photo: Youtube

A combination of strict dieting and light exercise is how Josie got these amazing results. She hadn't even joined a gym for that whole year.

“I would constantly eat bread and wraps, ate huge portions and went back for seconds and thirds all the time,” Josephine told the Daily Mail.

She cut out sugar and carbs from her diet. Photo: Instagram

“So I cut sugar completely, cut the carbs and bread and now I eat far smaller portions. Three meals a day with no processed foods.”

“I stuck to it 100 per cent and the weight began to fall off.”

Surprisingly, she says she still hasn't joined a gym. Photo: Youtube

The high school student is beyond happy with her transformation and can’t wait to be able to wear her dream dress to her Year 12 formal next month.

“I don't see it as a diet now, I see it as a lifestyle. The first two weeks of eating healthy was so difficult but now it's easy for me.”

She hopes to continue to inspire others by sharing the next steps of her journey on social media.

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