Queening is the empowering sex move every woman should try

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Move over missionary, there’s a new sexual position in town and it’s all about the girls.

‘Queening’ is a hot new move that’s sees the woman sitting on, or straddling, the face of her partner.

It’s regal name comes from the fact the woman is on top and in complete control, just like a real-life Queen.

Queening is the hot new sex move that is making women feel empowered. Source: Giphy

The sex act — which is great for oral-genital, or oral-anal, stimulation — is also known as facesitting, but this new term for it has been born from the current female empowerment movement.

According to Urban Dictionary, the sexual act is a way for women to “feel empowered” but don’t worry guys, they also describe it as equally enjoyable for the person underneath too.

The move has a long history, historically dating back to times when upper class women wanted to enjoy sex but without the repercussions of getting pregnant.

The new name for the sexual position has been born from the female empowerment movement, as is the name suggest, because the woman is in power. Source: Getty

These days, it’s enjoyed the world over, particularly in the dominatrix community.

So grab your crowns ladies as it’s time to, errm, sit on your thrones.

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