Queen using a wheelchair, 'doesn't want to be seen' struggling

The Queen is reportedly using a wheelchair and cancelling engagements because she is 'proud' and 'doesn't want to be seen struggling', according to actor Christopher Biggins.

In an interview with GB News, the star said, "It's so very sad and I hope she is able to make her anniversary celebrations. I have heard that the reason she's not doing a lot of the events that she should be doing and cancelling them is because she is in a wheelchair".

The Queen
The Queen is reportedly using a wheelchair and cancelling engagements because she's proud and 'doesn't want to be seen' struggling. Photo: Getty

"She doesn't want to be seen because she's very proud," he added.

While she hasn't been seen in a wheelchair, the Queen has been seen using a walking stick on a number of occasions.


It comes following reports Buckingham Palace is orchestrating a 'military-style' plan to get Her Majesty to Prince Philip's memorial service next week.

The operation is said to see the Queen flown from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace by helicopter, then transported by car and using a privacy screen to shield her from photographers.

Prince Philip and the Queen
Royal experts have shared their fears that the Queen won't be able to make Prince Philip's memorial on March 29. Photo: Getty

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen doesn't want to be seen in a wheelchair over fears of replicating a 'haunting' photos taken of her late sister Princess Margaret in the months leading up to her death.

While she has been carrying out short engagements in person, she pulled out of the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey last week.

There have been fears the Queen may not make it to her late husband's memorial with True Royalty TV's Russell Myers telling The Royal Beat, "You have to be realistic. [She is] just weeks away from 96, she has accepted her own limitations. She's having issues moving around, [and is] described by people at the Palace as having good days and less good days…"

"I don't think we'll ever see her step back, but we probably will see her less and less," he continued. "Will she make Prince Philip's memorial service in a few days? That's in the balance."

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