Queen slams 'irritating' world leaders not committing to Climate Summit

The Queen has been caught on camera sharing her frustration about “irritating” world leaders who haven't yet committed to this month’s crunch climate summit in Glasgow.

While attending the opening of the Welsh parliament in Cardiff, the 95-year-old monarch shared a rare opinion on the matters of climate change and the upcoming COP26 convention, which our own Prime Minister has yet to decide on whether or not he is attending.

"Extraordinary isn't it... I've been hearing all about Cop... still don't know who is coming... no idea," she could be heard saying on the event's live stream coverage.

"We only know about people who are not coming... It's really irritating when they talk, but they don't do."

The UN Climate Change Conference is set to begin on Sunday 31st October in Glasgow, with The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson all set to be in attendance.

US President Joe Biden only confirmed yesterday that he will attend, while world leaders including Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, and Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro have not yet officially committed.


The Queen called it 'irritating' that some world leaders would not committ to the summit. Photo: Getty
Queen Elizabeth II in Cardiff, Wales, UK.
The Queen attended the opening ceremony of the Sixth Session Of The Senedd on October 14, 2021 in Cardiff, Wales. Photo: Getty

Scott Morrison has remained on the fence about attending the COP26 climate change summit in Scotland, citing concerns over quarantine requirements when speaking recently.

The Queen's comments come after her son Prince Charles echoed a similar sentiment when he almost directly called out the Aussie PM during a recent interview.

During an interview with the BBC, Prince Charles was told that Morrison was 'yet to decide' on attending due to quarantine requirements, with the future king replying: "Is that what he says?"

scomo and charles
Prince Charles had a few thoughts on ScoMo recently. Photos: Getty

Charles also said that this meeting is a "last chance saloon", as the current climate situation "is already beginning to be catastrophic".

"They just talk, and the problem is to get action on the ground, which is what I've been trying to do the last 40 years by bringing people together from every kind of industry and walk of life," he added.

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