Man's horror as he hits Queen in the face with wayward scarf

Gillian Wolski
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The Queen unwittingly got up close and personal with a man's scarf at the Royal Windsor Cup Final on Sunday. Photo: Getty Images.

The Queen stunned onlookers when she was hit in the face by a man’s black scarf at a polo match on Sunday.

The monarch was attending the Royal Windsor Cup in Surrey when a gust of wind lifted the thin scarf - worn by Japanese musician Yoshiki - and blew it straight into her face.

Shocked onlookers - including Yoshiki and actor Gillian Anderson - watched in horror as the wayward garment slipped across the Queen’s face and over her shoulder.

Actor Gillian Anderson and musician Yoshiki look on in horror as his scarf blows into Her Majesty's face. Photo: Getty Images.

X-Files star Gillian - who was a guest in the Royal box - couldn’t hide her surprise and appeared to hold her breath as the incident took place.

Little wonder, as it’s a well-known rule that no one - including a scarf, we’d say - is allowed to touch the Queen.

True to form, the unflappable 93-year-old remained unfazed by the incident and continued to descend the stairs as though nothing had happened.

No doubt the monarch - who wore a magenta outfit for the occasion - had her mind on her royal duties which traditionally include presenting the winner’s trophy.

Forgive me, Your Majesty

Yoshiki, the lead singer of the band X Japan, was clearly aghast and later took to social media to share an apology.

“I'm so sorry it happened, but a gust of wind blew up. I talked to the Queen afterwards and Her Majesty was very sweet,” he wrote on Instagram.

He might think twice about wearing a scarf next time her meets Her Maj.

Gillian and her hilarious reaction, meanwhile, has become the focus of several humorous memes.

Gillian Anderson's hilarious reaction to 'scarf gate' has since become a meme. Photo: Instagram/allaboutgilliana.

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