Queen Elizabeth caught up in Covid scare: 'Has to be careful'

The Queen has been caught up in a Covid scare after a member of her staff tested positive at Balmoral.

The 95-year-old Monarch is currently at her holiday home in Scotland, on her first trip since the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

Queen. Photo: Getty Images
Queen. Photo: Getty Images

Staff members are required to be tested daily using a PCR test, with one member of the team showing up a positive result on Saturday.

“They were sent home and the staff canteen and bar were shut. They’re on a separate block on the estate,” a source told The Sun.

“Workers have been told to wear masks and to socially distance but the royals themselves are pretty much carrying on as they were.”

According to the publication, staff has toyed with the idea of serving the royal family’s meals buffet style so they could minimise contact, however the Queen reportedly decided against that plan.

“Although Her Majesty is 95 and has been double jabbed, the feeling is she still has to be careful yet she’s determined to carry on as normal. She does not want to overreact,” the source said.

The royal family were a no-show at church on Sunday, leading many to believe they are isolating and awaiting test results.

Last year, the Queen was faced with a number of scenarios where her staff tested positive for Covid.

In March, a Buckingham Palace aide is believed to have tested positive and the Queen was moved to Windsor Castle for her own safety.


Later that same month, a royal footman, who regularly walks the Queen’s dogs and was in contact with the monarch, tested positive for the virus.

In April, it was revealed 22 staff members had agreed to remain quarantined at Windsor Caster and not see their own families amid the pandemic in order to protect the Queen.

“They won't be seeing their families because no risks can be taken and they can't go in and out,” an insider told The Sun at the time.

Prince Charles and Prince William tested positive for Covid in 2020. Both have recovered and are back out on royal duty.

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