'Pathetic': Woman's attempt to get boyfriend to propose is trolled online

A woman has been mercilessly mocked online for the bizarre way she tried to get her boyfriend to propose. 

After six years, it seems the woman had had enough and decided to take matters into her own hands, creating a sign detailing how many days she’s been waiting for her other half to get down on one knee.

A woman created a sign marking how many days she's been waiting for a proposal. Photo: Tik Tok
She then left it all around the house so her other half would see it. Photo: Tik Tok

As if that wasn’t enough, the woman then left the light up sign all over the house, even placing it in front of her boyfriend as he sat in front of the TV playing video games and then posted a video about it to TikTok.

The sign started off by saying that she had been patiently waiting 2,279 days for the ring, with the video ending on 2,330 days. 

She even placed it in front of him as she was playing video games. Photo: Tik Tok
The sign has been slammed online. Photo: Tik Tok

While it’s not known whether the woman eventually got what she was looking for, she certainly didn’t get any sympathy when the video was uploaded to a proposal Facebook page. 

Many called her out for being ‘pathetic’ and said it was actually ‘so sad’ that she not only created the sign, but then posted the video to TikTok afterwards. 

"No wonder he hasn't proposed yet," one person said, while another commented saying: "Imagine being this petty”. 

Many pointed out that if the woman wanted to be married so much, she should probably just pop the question herself. 

Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepard on Twitter after marriage equality became legal in California and Pink popped the question to Carey Hart in 2005, so she’d be in very good company indeed.

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