Pringles Has a New Limited-Time Flavor Hitting Shelves

We have a good feeling about this one.

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

Limited-time products are bittersweet. It can be disappointing when you find a flavor that you really enjoy only to have it vanish after a few months. But there’s no denying the excitement of rushing to the store to try something fresh. Recently, Lay’s and Ruffles have expanded their selection, and Pringles has been busy innovating as well. The brand dropped a barbecue-inspired chip, announced four new flavors that will roll out over the summer, and even has plans to ditch its classic cans for a fun snack this fall.

Now, a new flavor of Pringles has been spotted on shelves and fans are getting excited to try the sweet-heat flavored chip.

Pringles Is Launching Sweet Chili Sauce Flavored Crisps



Pringles has released its newest flavor and it’s perfect for those who love a “swicy” chip. According to the website, the brand's newest creation–Sweet Chili Sauce Crisps– is inspired by the taste of Thai Chili sauce, a popular condiment. The flavor combines Pringles' classic crunchy potato chip with a sweet sauce flavor and a hint of spicy cayenne pepper.

Sweet Chili Sauce crisps appear to be slowly rolling out across retailers and so far have been spotted at Giant Food and Stop & Shop. Instagrammer @lilmissmodel14 shared a photo of the chips along with a positive review. “I picked up a can and it’s delish! I love ‘sweet/spicy’ and this is the perfect balance.” Commenters were quick to share their enthusiasm. “Woahhhh! Didn't know this one was coming out!" said one. While another chimed in, “Ooo I’d love this flavor!”

While we don’t know when Sweet Chili Sauce Pringles will be hitting specific retailers or for how long, the packaging indicates this is a limited-time-only flavor, so be sure to grab them quickly before they’re gone.

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