Princess Mary's hidden nod to The Matildas in Danish FIFA Women's World Cup post

She may be in line to be the Queen of Denmark but Princess Mary hasn't forgotten her roots.

She's in line to become the Queen of Denmark but Crown Princess Mary of Denmark definitely hasn't forgotten where she came from.

The Australian women's national football team took on Denmark's national side last night, with the Aussies smashing the Danish side 2-0.

Princess Mary posing with her dog
Princess Mary gave a hidden nod to Australia in her post on the Danish team playing in the World Cup. Photo: Instagram/detdanskekongehus

Princess Mary took to the official Danish royal Instagram account to show her support for the Danish Women's team. However, it appears she did include a hidden nod to the Australian side in the snap.

"We will be cheering from "Top Over" and all the way to "Down Under" when the match against Australia starts shortly at the World Cup in football," she wrote in Danish.

"Come on, Denmark. Signed, The Crown Prince Couple."


Princess Mary's adorable dog was lying in front of a yellow and green ball in one snap, perhaps Princess Mary's way of giving her home country a shoutout.

In another photo, the Crown Princess can be seen posing with her dog, with both of them adorned with Danish flag face paint.

Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington on the new look Sunrise desk
Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington looked less than impressed at the prospect of Princess Mary not supporting the Matildas. Photo: Sunrise

Last week, Sunrise reporter Georgia Chumbley mentioned the Crown Princess of Denmark while reporting on the upcoming game, saying Princess Mary would be torn during the match.

“What we do know is there will be some very anxious Aussies watching that game - in particular one who will be torn as to who to barrack for, Australian-born Danish royalty Princess Mary,” she said.

“She’s previously faced discussions around this before when the men’s Socceroos faced Denmark last year in the Men’s World Cup.

“But I think that maybe she’ll be barracking for Australia in her heart, but officially for Denmark.”

Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington looked shocked when the cameras panned back to the studio, with Shirvo commenting: “Born and bred in Australia. Come on. You’ve gotta go back to your roots.”

Princess Mary in a tiara
Princess Mary will be Queen of Denmark one day. Photo: Getty Images

Fellow Sunrise co-host Nat Barr agreed, saying: “Yeah, Tassie girl. Yeah.”

Meanwhile, sports reporter Mark Berreta said he felt sorry for Princess Mary's husband, Prince Frederik.

“He’ll be copping it for the next week or so,” he said.

Shirvo clarified: “When the Matildas win!”

Nat Barr wasn't having a bar of it though, saying she believes Mary will be secretly flying the Aussie flag while watching the match.

“I can see Mary sitting in one of the palaces screaming at the TV. Come on Aussie!” she said.

During the Rio Olympics in 2016, Princess Mary was visiting a school when an Australian journalist asked her who she would be supporting.

"I'm looking forward to following not just the Danish athletes [but everyone]," she said.

The journalist pushed on: "Will there be a little bit of support for the Australian athletes?"

Mary replied: "Absolutely, long as they're not competing against a Dane".

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