Princess Mary and Frederik under fire over secret Swiss getaway home

Kristine Tarbert
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Princess Mary and Frederik have a secret Swiss home. Photo: Instagram/@detdanskekongehus

Crown Princess Mary and husband Crown Prince Frederik have come under fire from their home country Denmark after it was revealed the couple had a ‘secret’ Swiss home.

Prince Frederik revealed the royal couple have secretly owned a private ski lodge in Switzerland for 10 years, which is where the family would be staying during their 12-week stint in the country as their children attend boarding school.

The property is located in Verbier, one of the world's most exclusive ski resorts, and is rented out when they are not using it.

The revelation caused outcry from Denmark’s parliament, particularly from the the Danish far-left parliamentarian party Enhedslisten, that hit out at the couple for keeping this home a secret.

Mary and Frederik have come under fire in Denmark. Photo: Getty

“I was very surprised when I found out that the family does not just have such a house, they have had such a house for 10 years, without any ordinary Danes knowing about it,” Member of Parliament Mai Villadsen told Danish media.

“We are the ones who pay the money so we must know about the house.”

Conservative member of parliament Birgitte Bergman however was of a different opinion, saying she didn’t see “anything wrong” with the pair owning the Swiss home.

Mary and Frederik made money off Swiss home

The Danish royal family, much like most royal families in the world, live on a public allowance, and are only allowed to spend money on foreign assets with approval.

Add to that the fact they have also made money off the property, is what has caused the outrage among many in Denmark, reports Royal Central.

An officially statement released by the Royal Court stated the pair had used their own funds for the property, however conceded they would no longer accept revenue by renting it out.

“Now it is no longer an anonymous property, so the conditions for rent are no longer the same,” the family’s communications manager said.

“In addition, for the Crown Prince Couple, this makes a difference compared to the possibility of having some privacy. In addition to that, there is also a safety aspect.”

Mary is currently living in Switzerland with her children. Photo: Getty

Princess Mary moves to Switzerland

The Tasmanian-born Crown Princess of Denmark is currently living in Switzerland with her four children, Prince Christian, Princess Josephine, Princess Isabella and Prince Vincent while they attend boarding school. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, the royal kids will attend the Lemania-Verbier International School and while Mary will stay with the children throughout their stint, their father, Prince Frederik will visit them in between his royal duties. 

The children usually attend Tranegårdsskolen school in Denmark. 

"With the school stay, the Crown Prince couple wants to give their children a common experience in an international environment,” photos posted to the Danish royal family’s Instagram read.

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