Everything you need to know about Prince Frederik

 Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark appear on the balcony as the Royal Life Guards carry out the changing of the guard on Amalienborg Palace square on the occasion of the 50th birthday of The Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark on May 26, 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Here's everything you need to know about Prince Frederik. Photo: Getty Images

Who is Prince Frederik of Denmark?

Prince Frederik is the future king of Denmark. The oldest son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, he was born on May 26, 1968, and has the title of Crown Prince, meaning he will become king when his mother dies. He is married to Princess Mary. They live together at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Does Prince Frederik get on his with his younger brother?

Frederick’s younger brother, Prince Joachim is just a year younger than the Crown Prince.

It’s been widely reported there is tension between the brothers; Joachim has reportedly always felt Frederik was favoured by their parents, and that Frederik hasn’t taken his royal duties seriously. Rumours of the feud increased in early 2019 when Joachim and his family moved away from Copenhagen to Paris.

Prince Joachim, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik at a ball in Denmark
Prince Frederik and Princess Mary are pictured here with Prince Joachim. Photo: Getty Images

How did Prince Frederik meet Princess Mary?

The couple met during the 2000 Olympics at Sydney pub, The Slip Inn. Prince Frederik was there with his brother, Prince Joachim, cousin Prince Nikolaos of Greece, Princess Martha Louise of Norway, and the King of Spain’s nephew, who knew Mary’s sister’s flatmate.

“I had only been in Australia two days, before our fates were sealed, even though neither of us were aware of it,” he told Mary in a speech on their wedding day. “But your radiance shone clearly for me from our very first meeting. Since then I have been blinded and totally dependent on it.”

When was Prince Frederik and Princess Mary’s wedding?

The pair got married on May 14, 2004 at Copenhagen Cathedral, after Frederik had proposed in Rome in October 2003. Frederik wore his military uniform and was seen wiping away tears as Mary walked up the aisle with her father John Donaldson.

After the ceremony they were taken by horse-drawn carriage to Christian VII’s Palace where they appeared on the balcony and kissed in front of cheering crowds. At their wedding reception, Prince Frederik promised to make Princess Mary feel at home in her newly adopted country.

“The joy and the strength you give me is like the sun in the daytime which, with its radiance, melts all doubts and darkness on earth," he said. "And like the moon at night, you shine with a watchful and delicate beam of gentleness."

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark wave from the balcony of Christian VII's Palace after their wedding May 14, 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The romance began in 2000 when Mary Donaldson met the heir to one of Europe's oldest monarchies over drinks at the Sydney Olympics, where he was with the Danish sailing team.
Prince Frederik and Princess Mary got married on May 14, 2004 at Copenhagen Cathedral. Photo: Getty Images

How much is Prince Frederik worth?

The Danish royal family as a whole are worth around AUD $57.8million, according to Business Insider. The Danish Civil List gives the family around AUD $18.5 million a year to cover the Queen’s activities, personal expenses and the running of their households.

Who are Prince Frederick’s ex-girlfriends?

Before he met Mary, Prince Frederik was known for his playboy lifestyle and love of beautiful women. His first girlfriend was Mie Egmont, who he went to school with, and the pair were known as childhood sweethearts.

In 1990 he met Nina Klinker Jorgensen at Aarhus University; he was studying political science and she was studying law. The pair dated briefly before Nina decided to become a film-maker, and broke the relationship off.

Frederik then started seeing model Malou Aamund. On New Year’s Eve 1992, Malou was driving Frederik’s car, when they were pulled over by police. She was charged with drink driving, and the pair split in early 1993, after the Danish royal family issued an apology on Frederik’s behalf.

 Prince Frederik of Denmark greets and kisses for the first time in public his Australian girlfriend Mary Donaldson on the deck of the Tasmania Yacht Club before the start of the first race of the Dragon Boat World Championship.
Prince Frederik and Princess Mary were seen together for the first time in public on the deck of the Tasmania Yacht Club. Photo: Getty Images

In his mid-twenties, Prince Frederik dated lingerie model Katja Storkholm. The pair were together for over two years, and it’s widely rumoured Frederick proposed to her and she accepted.

“When he had to go and perform royal duties which he didn’t like, she would go over speeches with him and suggest changes and coach him. They were a real team,” wrote Trine Villemann in her book 1015 Copenhagen K.

However, Frederick’s family didn’t approve of the relationship, and they split. Frederik then dated Danish singer Maria Montell for a year, before meeting Mary in Sydney a few months later.

Are Prince Frederik and Princess Mary happily married?

The couple have been married for nearly 16 years, but in recent months there have been rumours the couple have been spending less and less time together.

When Princess Victoria of Sweden visited Denmark in October 2019, there were reports Mary was unhappy with her husband’s flirtatious attitude.

Does Prince Frederik have a tattoo?

Yes, he has two tattoos. The first is a shark on his calf, which is the insignia of the Danish Navy’s elite frogman corps.

The second is on his right arm and translates as “pingu” – a reference to the nickname he was given while completing his training to become a Frogman. The training takes place over nine months and includes a difficult survival course, combat swimming and scuba diving. Around 500 people start the course, with usually only around 12 people completing it.

How many languages does Prince Frederik speak?

The Crown Prince is fluent in four languages; his mother tongue, Danish, as well as English, French and German.

He’s reportedly keen for his four children to become multi-lingual as well, and from January 2020 they will go to the Swiss boarding school, Lemania International School Altdorf, where they will be exposed to multiple languages.

Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Mary, Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine, Prince Christian and Prince Vincent
The Danish royals are pictured here with their children in 2018. Photo: Getty Images

How many children does Prince Frederik have?

Prince Frederik has four children with his wife Princess Mary. Their first son Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John was born on October 15, 2005.

Two years later they had their daughter Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, who was born on April 21, 2007.

They became parents to twins Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda on January 8, 2011.

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