William's 'second mum' Carole Middleton difference between brothers, expert claims

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A royal biographer has pointed out what she believes to be a key difference between Prince William and Prince Harry that has likely played a part in their vastly different family lives.

Angela Levin told The Sun William's 'second mum' Carole Middleton taught him "how a loving and supportive family works", where as Harry and Meghan "lack experiences of stable relationships".

Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton
Carole Middleton has been a 'second mum' for Prince William. Photo: Getty

"William adored Diana and was drawn to her magnetic charm, but she was relentlessly demanding on him as a young child, describing him as her 'closest confidant' and talking about her lovers, when it’s a mother’s duty to care for her son, not the other way round," Angela told the publication.

"[Carole] made him feel secure, comfortable and protected and he didn’t have to worry about what he said or be responsible for her emotions."


Angela said she believed it was through Kate and her family, that William learned how a "loving and supportive family works."

william and harry
The royal expert thinks Harry lacked the same 'parental opportunity'. Photo: Getty

Whereas she says Harry on the other hand "hasn’t had that parental opportunity".

"Both he and Meghan come from very damaged backgrounds… it must be hard for them to help each other and lack experience in how stable, strong, understanding relationships work," she added.

Meghan's difficult relationship with her family is not secret, with much of the drama playing out in the media.

Her 76-year-old farther, Thomas Markle Snr, recently spoke with 60 Minutes for his first interview since the birth of his new granddaughter, Lilibet.

Mr Markle has not spoken to the Duchess of Sussex since she married Prince Harry in 2018, and is yet to meet either of their children, making a desperate plea to the couple to bury the hatchet "before it was too late".

harry and meghan and archie
Meghan and Harry 'come from very damaged backgrounds'. Photos: Getty/Instagram

It comes as the brothers prepare to again reunite on Thursday to attend the unveiling of a statue in honour of their late mother Princess Diana on what would have been her 60th birthday.

The brothers' relationship has been damaged due to, in part, the numerous bombshell interviews Harry and wife Meghan Markle have given about the royal family.

A friend of Harry and William told Vanity Fair, "There have been conversations, after Lili was born and to make plans for next week, but things are still very strained."

Harry flew into the UK alone, despite rumours he might fly in with son Archie, two. Meghan remained in California with Archie and their newborn daughter Lilibet.

The Duke of Sussex is saying with his cousin, Princess Eugenie, at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where he is able to quarantine for the required five days before being tested for Covid-19.

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