Prince William and Kate Middleton's rare PDA goes viral on TikTok: 'OMG!'

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Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are usually very reserved when it comes to PDA during royal engagements, but were noticeably more flirtatious and tactile during their trip to the Caribbean earlier this year.

Now a video TikToker Jimmy Rex, who goes by @mrjimmyrex on the app, shared in March has gone viral with William and Kate seen holding hands as they walked to an event.

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton hold hands
Prince William and wife Kate Middleton put on a rare display of public affection during their trip to the Bahamas as captured by a TikToker. Photo: TikTok/mrjimmyrex

Jimmy seemingly didn't know who they were as his caption read, "This couple staying in the Bahamas had 35 security guards."

In the video, Jimmy says, "How you doin'? You look beautiful!"


William and Kate greet him and she tells him to "have a wonderful evening", with Jimmy responding, "You have a great night as well!"

The comments quickly pointed out that the TikToker had just run into the royal family, with one user writing, "Casually runs into the royal family."

William and Kate
The video was taken on the same night as William and Kate attend a departure ceremony at Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas. Photo: Getty

"Awww they rarely hold hands in public," another said, while a third agreed, "Lovely to see them holding hands."

Others were surprised, with one user writing, "OMG they are actually holding hands!"

"So interesting to see them holding hands, I've never seen them do that," someone else said.

"Yes they do that, but not in front of cameras since they are on duty," one user pointed out.

"They don't hold hands when doing official monarchy work, when not working they hold hands," another added.

Others just marvelled at the pair, with some jealous that Jimmy actually managed to spot them while on holiday.

"They are a really great, sweet couple," someone else added.

"Our future king and queen," one fan wrote.

"OMG... that would be a dream come true to see them while on holidays," another said.

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