Photo detail catches Prince William breaking royal protocol

A photo from a royal tour in Glasgow has caught the Duke of Cambridge breaking protocol while greeting a fan.

Prince William was snapped in a crowd with his arm around a woman as she took a selfie with him and Kate Middleton, an act that goes against strict rules for the royals.

The royal family is banned from engaging in any public displays of affection, with holding hands even considered against protocol.

Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for a selfie.
Prince William broke royal protocol when he put a hand on a fan's back. Source: Getty (Getty Images)

It also goes against the Queens own principles when it comes to taking selfies, with her believing them to be "strange".

In an interview with Tatler magazine back iin 2014, US ambassador Matthew Barzun said Her Majesty found constantly looking at the back of iPhone screens "disconcerting".

"She was essentially saying: 'I miss eye contact'."

It wasn't the only time Prince William broke protocol during the two-day trip to Scotland, with the royal also spotted embracing an elderly man as they were greeting fans.

Prince William shakes hands with a fan in Glasgow.
The Duke of Cambridge meets students during a visit to the University of Glasgow. Source: Getty (Getty Images)

It appears the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have no issues breaking protocol, and were said to have ignored a very important royal rule when they visited Germany and Poland in 2017 with their kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Despite the royal kids being well travelled, it appears they’re actually breaking a travel code set by the royal family, which states direct heirs to the throne are forbidden from taking the same plane.


This was reportedly set in place to protect the throne in case there was an accident during the flight.

When the much-loved family flew to Australia in 2013, royal fans were wondering if they would take separate planes, so Prince George would be on a different flight to his father, Prince William.

However when they touched down on Aussie soil, Prince William and Prince George stepped off the plane together – clearly not giving the royal rule a second thought.

Since then they’ve made it a point to always travel as a family.

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