Prince Harry taken by surprise as Invictus athlete lifts him in the air

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Day two of the Invictus Games kicked off yesterday and saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take to the beautiful Sydney Harbour to watch the Elliott 7 Team racing event of the Sailing finals. 

And while it was Australia who brought home the victory, fellow teams were not short on excitement following the final race, especially team USA who shared the glory with Prince Harry himself.

As royal couple’s boat pulled up alongside team USA to congratulate them on the race, one competitor leapt across to the royal boat and lifted Harry in the air with one giant hug, quicker than Harry could work out what was going on.

An eager competitor jumped aboard the royal couple’s boat to embrace the Prince in a giant hug. Source: Twitter/Kensington Palace

Despite the general rule of ‘no touching the royals’ – Harry took the embrace in his stride, laughing it off and hugging back.

Meanwhile, Meghan can be seen sitting beside them absolutely loving it and clapping her hands together as she laughs.

“Now that’s a hug…nicely done,” Meghan said before getting up to greet the competitor and get a hug for herself.

Meghan was absolutely loving it and was filmed laughing on the side. Source: Twitter/Kensington Palace

However Harry  – like the protective husband he is – was a little hesitant when the competitor went to hug his wife and is seen holding his hands up in caution to remind him that she is pregnant.

Thankfully the man is well aware of the baby news and greets Meghan with a much more gentle hug – to which Harry approves by patting him on the back afterwards.

“That’s amazing,” Meghan laughs again before introducing themselves to the rest of the team.

Source: Twitter/Kensington Palace

Fans on Twitter are absolutely loving it after the moment was shared by Kensington Palace. 

“These couple are really likeable their warmth and connects to every individual is such impeccable. They connects the BRF to the people,” one user said. 

While another praised, “THAT is why this royal couple are loved so much!”

“LOL!  Prince Harry was watching that guy like a hawk. Making sure he’s gentle with his hug towards his wife after that bear hug he gave him,” someone also commented. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wore their matching Invictus Games jackets as they took to the harbour. Photo: Getty

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