Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Friend Addresses Kate Middleton Conspiracy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; Kate Middleton

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's friend, tech CEO Christopher Bouzy, is the latest to chime in on the ongoing controversy around Kate Middleton.

Bouzy, a pal of the Sussexes who previously appeared in their Netflix documentary, gave his unfiltered opinion on the Princess of Wales drama in a series of new social media posts, where he doubled down on some of the speculation that has been floating around lately.

In a message posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, March 19, Bouzy addressed the recent video of Kate and Prince William walking around a farmers market this past weekend—a clip that has had its authenticity questioned by the public.

The tech mogul shared the pic side-by-side with the photo of Kate in the car that was said to be leaked on March 4, after questions began swirling about the Princess' whereabouts when she hadn't been seen publicly since her abdominal surgery in January.

"Some are missing the point," Bouzy wrote in his tweet. "Setting aside any presumptions, let's concentrate on the facts. The initial photo was 'leaked' on March 4, and 14 days later, a video depicting Kate surfaced. Kate appeared markedly different in the video from Kate in the March 4 photo."

The public has been torn over the optics of the "suspicious" video appearance from Kate, with many people noticing that she looks visibly different, and others claiming that the video was taken months ago during the holiday season, since there were still Christmas lights hanging at the farm shop in question.

But even as fans tried to debunk the latter theory, showing photos of the Windsor Farm still decorated with holiday lights to this day, Bouzy still isn't buying it.

Instead, he questioned, "We were told Kate was recovering and would resume her royal duties shortly. Yet, in the recent video, she is holding a bag and moving briskly. If she's capable of such activity, why isn't she back to fulfilling her royal duties yet?"

While Bouzy didn't provide any possible explanations for the allegedly manufactured sightings of Kate, he definitely doesn't seem to be convinced that she actually appeared in the video on March 18.

"In my opinion, we still haven't seen Kate in public," Bouzy maintained in another tweet.

And he certainly doesn't seem to be the only one, as Bouzy also claimed, "Some journalists also don't believe it was Kate in the video but will not go on the record...yet."

Even Andy Cohen has blatantly declared, "That ain't Kate!"

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