Prince Harry's coronavirus claim sparks outrage

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Prince Harry has stirred up controversy this week with a suggestion that the coronavirus pandemic might be a kind of rebuke from Mother Nature for ‘bad behaviour’.

The now-LA based prince appeared in an interview with the CEOs of climate change documentary streaming service WaterBear to discuss the environment, 2020 and the pandemic.

Prince Harry appears in waterbear interview links coronavirus and climate change
Prince Harry drew a line between the climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Waterbear

The 36-year-old appeared via video link from his mansion in California and made a startling comment about the pandemic when asked how his year had been by the interviewers.

“2020 has been a universally tough year for everyone,” he began, before adding his now-controversial commentary about the pandemic.


“Somebody said to me at the beginning of the pandemic, it’s almost as though Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms for bad behaviour,” he said, adding: “To really take a moment and think about what we’ve done.”

He went on to say the rapid and destructive spread of the virus, which hit close to home for the royal family in the UK, had reminded him of the interconnectedness of humanity and nature.

Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, holding their son Archie
Harry made the comment from the multi-million dollar mansion he shares with wife Meghan Markle and son Archie. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s certainly reminded me about how interconnected we all are, not just as people but through nature,” he continued. “We take so much from her and we rarely give a lot back.”

Harry and Meghan have long been outspoken on the climate and environment, advocating for better policies and awareness.

Twitter users react to Covid statement

His comments didn’t come without some serious blowback, however, with thousands slamming the former senior royal on Twitter for conflating climate change and the pandemic with no solid evidence.

Prince Harry privileged tweet
Photo: Twitter

“Prince Harry showed his royally privileged rear end this week when he suggested the coronavirus pandemic is payback from Mother Nature from humans’ trashing the planet,” one irate observer wrote of the comments.

Prince Harry two seperate issues tweet
Photo: Twitter

“Two separate issues Harry,” another pointed out.

Others couldn’t help but reference the much-publicised private jets Harry and Meghan have been known to take, and reference the opulent, and the enormous mansion he and wife Meghan Markle live in with their son Archie.

Anti-Prince Harry covid claim tweet
Photo: Twitter

“This is from a man who takes private jets to travel then tells everyone how wrong it is,” was one scathing comment. “He’s turning into a laughing stock.”

“Says he who has nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms...” another pointed out.

Prince Harry defending tweet covid claim
Photo: Twitter

Others couldn’t have been more delighted with the royal’s comments, saying they agreed that the planet had been treated terribly.

Pro-Prince Harry covid claim tweet
Photo: Twitter

“What exactly is he saying that’s wrong?” one questioned. “Or is it just because it’s him that’s saying it!!!??? It’s true. Mother Nature is pissed and who can blame her.”

“Prince Harry is right. Humanity is abusing everything it touches,” another agreed.

Harry and Meghan’s tough 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 2020 retrospective, tough year
Harry and Meghan weathered a tough 2020 after stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family. Photo: Getty Images

It comes after a tough year for the Sussexes after they sensationally stepped down from royal life following a rocky couple of years of press coverage of Harry’s wife Meghan.

Last month, Meghan opened up about experiencing a miscarriage mid-way through the year, sharing her private pain in a bid to raise awareness of the common, but traumatic experience that affects women across the globe.

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