Amazon Prime Day: Prices slashed on Coke and more soft drink multi-packs

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With the cost of living rising steeply in Australia, bargain hunters are making the most of sales to stock up on pantry essentials when they're at a good price.

While it may not be the first place that comes to mind for supermarket goods, Amazon Australia has slashed prices on a whole range of items like multi-packs of canned soft drink, laundry detergent, nappies and dishwashing tablets in honour of Prime Day.

There are even half-price savings on some bulk-buy items including a 24-pack of Red Bull cans that has been reduced from $65.45 to $29, and a 100-pack of Nespresso machine compatible L'OR coffee capsules, which is down to $32.93 from $65.

This 24-pack of Red Bull soft drink cans has been reduced by 56%. Photo: Amazon
This 24-pack of Red Bull soft drink cans has been reduced by 56%. Photo: Amazon

Soft drinks on sale

Among the most popular items shoppers are scrambling to bag are multi-pack drinks, with soft drinks from Coca-Cola, Solo and Sprite being reduced by up to 41%, along with other beverages from brands like Powerade, Bundaberg, Cocobella and San Pellegrino.

A 12-pack of 1.25L bottles of Coca-Cola No Sugar is on sale for $21 instead of $36, while a 36-can box of Coca-Cola is down to $26.89 from $35.45.

You can also pick up a 6-pack of 1L Cocobella coconut water for $13.99 and a 12-pack of Lipton Ice Tea for $22, saving $8 on the usual price of each.


The once yearly Prime Day sale finishes at midnight July 13, so you'd better get in quick. You also need to have an Amazon Prime membership to be able to shop the sale however there's a 30-day free trial for new members (more on this below).

12-pack of 1.25L bottles of Coca-Cola No Sugar
This 12-pack of 1.25L bottles of Coca-Cola No Sugar is $21 instead of $36. Photo: Amazon

Supermarket essentials on sale for Prime Day

We've rounded up some of the best deals on other everyday essentials on offer to Aussie shoppers today.

Save up to 38% on snacks like Tiny Teddies, Carman's muesli bars and Arnott’s Shapes

Save up to 34% on jumbo packs of sweets from M&M's and Extra

12x multipacks of Red Rock Deli chips and Dorritos for $20-$30

Save up to 41% on multipack drinks like Coca-Cola, Cocobella, Powerade, Red Bull and Bundaberg

640g bucket of M&M's
This giant bucket of M&M's is $9. Photo: Amazon Australia

Save up to 52% on coffee including capsules from Starbucks, Moccona, and L'OR, and ground coffee and beans from Lavazza and Harris

Laundry detergent from Omo, Cold Power and Dynamo $28 and under

Save up to 51% on cleaning products and dishwashing tablets from Fairy, Glad and Duck

Save up to 51% on pet supplies from Purina One, Pedigree and Breeders Choice

5 packets of Fairy dishwashing tablets
A multi-pack of 70 Fairy dishwashing tablets has been reduced to $31 from $100. Photo: Amazon

Save up to 49% on body wash and skincare products from Palmolive, Olay and Garnier

Save up to 56% on shampoo and hair care from Olaplex, Pantene and Head and Shoulders

Save up to 49% on makeup from Maybelline and L'Oreal Paris

Save up to 40% on nappies and baby wipes from Huggies, Baby Love and Tooshies by Tom

Save up to 20% on infant formula and baby food from Karicare and Bellamy’s Organic

Box of Huggies nappies
These Huggies nappies are now $23.80 down from $33. Photo: Amazon

Save up 30% on wine and spirits including Penfolds and Jack Daniels

Save up to 25% on Four Pines beers

6 bottles of Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon wines
This case of six Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon wines is on sale for $71.95 from $100. Photo: Amazon

How to shop the sale

To access the discounted prices on offer for Prime Day, you have to be an Amazon Prime member.

Membership costs $6.99 a month and is able to be cancelled at any time so many shoppers just sign up for the month of the sale.

There is also a free, 30-day trial for people who have never signed up to Prime before.

As well as access to the sale, a Prime membership gives you access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and free shipping on a range of products.

Other items on sale for Prime Day

The Prime Day sales include all sorts of items across every category imaginable, which can make it a bit daunting for newcomers.

Some of the most popular items on sale include Dyson stick vacuums, with selected models reduced by up to $260, air fryers that are up to 50% off, and Oodies that are down to $76 from $109.

There are also great savings on tech devices like earbuds, soundbars, tablets and TVs, as well as robot vacuums.

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