'Price Is Right' Contestant Shocks Viewers With Outlandish Bid

"Show #561L" -- Coverage of the CBS Original Daytime Series THE PRICE IS RIGHT, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Drew Carey.(Photo by Bonnie Osborne/CBS via Getty Images)

A recent episode of The Price is Right went off the rails when one contestant completely wasted his chances to walk away a winner—all for a bit that didn't land, at all.

According to The U.S. Sun, host Drew Carey called up a potential contestant named Nicholas nearly halfway through the episode airing on Tuesday, May 7, inviting the man to join him in front of the stage to take a stab at making it to the main game.

Nicholas seemed excited as he moved down to the podiums and Carey told him, “Welcome to the show, good luck,” but he quickly proved how unserious he was about the whole thing, much to no one's delight.

As the four lucky potential contestants attempted to guess the price of a set of workout equipment without going over the cost, Nicholas quickly pitched out a million dollars—leaving the audience, who normally very enthusiastically encourages each guess, in stunned silence.

“Seriously?” Carey asked, at a loss for any other words.

“Yeah," Nicholas affirmed. "It looks like some nice equipment.”

The host conceded, agreeing, “We can put one million on there if you want us to,” seemingly offering him an opportunity to give a more realistic answer.

Nicholas was set, though, clapping his hands and encouraging the audience to do the same while the show's team realized the number was too high to display on the screen of his podium.

His competitors offered much more reasonable guesses of $2400, $1250, and $1500, with the retail price ringing in at $1798.

Nicholas continued with his farce, putting his hands on his head in apparent shock at his loss, though he did offer congratulations to the winning bidder, Sandy.

Fans of the show were, as you may expect, flabbergasted by the move, but Nicholas had a somewhat reasonable explanation to offer when he was given a second chance to bid later in the episode, ultimately winning and joining the host on stage.

Carey shook his hand, joking about his ability to place a $1 million bid and still make it to the games, where Nicholas revealed that he'd lost a bet, leading to his outlandish bid.

“Oh, no, no problem,” Carey offered. “You gotta pay off your bets.”

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