‘I’m really scared’: Pregnant Instagrammer devastated as she’s banned for ‘sexual content’

Bianca Soldani
Byron Bay instagram couple Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel
Byron Bay influencer Sally Mustang has been kicked off of her account. Photo: Instagram/Mitch Gobel

Byron Bay Instagram couple Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel raised eyebrows last week when they announced they’re expecting their first child with the help of a racy photoshoot.

The influencers, who have a reputation for posting sexy shots, shared photos of Sally straddling her shirtless partner in a lacy bra, with her small bump on display.

She followed that up with a photo of herself lying in a bath, and while she was naked, nothing untoward could be seen, with just her bump sticking up out of the water.

The photo was enough to get her booted off social media however, with the couple revealing that Sally’s Instagram account, which had over 300,000 followers, was deleted by the platform, supposedly for containing ‘sexual content’.

Sally started a new account but removed the video she initially posted after Mitch's account was allegedly threatened. Photo: Instagram/i.am.sally.mustang
Sally started a new account but removed the video she initially posted after Mitch's account was allegedly threatened. Photo: Instagram/i.am.sally.mustang

‘My livelihood has disappeared’

Posting on a new, temporary account, Sally explained the photo was not in violation of Instagram’s no nipple policy as her hands were completely covering her chest, and that she’s now worried about her financial future.

“I’m really scared, I’m five months pregnant and my whole livelihood has disappeared,” she said in a video.

“I’m so, so disappointed in whoever’s running the show there because I just don’t understand what kind of message that sends out; that Instagram doesn't accept pregnant bodies? Or that being empowered and loving yourself if not ok?”

She added that despite her devastation, she “will not be silenced or agree with Instagram’s absurd censorship rules.”

Sally has long been posting equally sexy photos to Instagram, which is what is prompting the couple to believe that her pregnant body is what is triggering the ban, rather than the sexual nature of her photos in general.

She later deleted her complaint video from her temporary account saying, “Mitch’s account was threatened to be shut down this morning so we are just going to be super easy going”.

Pregnancy should not be censored

Supporting his partner, Mitch spoke about his disgust at the decision to shut her down in a comment which has since been deleted.

“It’s a beautiful photo which tributes the miracle of pregnancy, new life and what it is to be a woman,” he wrote on his own account which boasts a more modest 200,000 followers.

Complaining that pregnancy should not be censored, he added, “I want to be aloud (sic) to follow any women’s experience of pregnancy because it inspires me, it educates me, it helps me see a bigger picture.”

“It’s NOT sexual. It’s beautiful and I don’t want that aspect of life taken away from what I experience on your platform.

“Pregnancy should be celebrated, not shamed and we want to see change.”

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