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These are the hottest post-Prime Day kitchen deals — it's not too late to save up to 60%!

These items and more can be yours for less after Prime Day! (Photo: Amazon)
These items and more can be yours for less after Prime Day! (Photo: Amazon)

It's official: Prime Day is over. While it's a little bit of bummer to realize you won't be stumbling over jaw-dropping deals every place you look at Amazon, there are still so many kitchen appliances and wares still on mega-sale. Household names like Ninja and Calphalon are still 50% off or more. Basically, if you waited to buy that small appliance you've been lusting after, circle back — it could still be on sale. Here are the best, can’t-miss post-Prime Day 2022 deals for the kitchen. If you’re not yet an Amazon Prime member, sign up now for exclusive members-only access to Prime Day deals. Click here for a free 30-day trial.

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Post-Prime Day Multicooker Deals

This family-sized wonder can steam, air fry and pressure cook — all under one SmartLid. Get tastier, juicier, crispier results, and make meals up to 70% faster.
$248 at Amazon
This bestselling Instant Pot offers up so much in one handy device. Use it as an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker, warmer and sterilizer.
$90 at Amazon
One item for everything. This little gadget's cooking functions include Air Fry, Bake, Toast, Broil, Roast, Bagel, Pizza, Reheat and Defrost. Its turbo convection delivers 40% more even heat for superior cooking results.
$270 at Amazon
Get the best of pressure cooking and air frying in one pot for endless meal options. Air fry chicken wings in as little as 20 minutes, or cook a 7-lb chicken in less than an hour. It's all at your fingertips!
$178 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Pan Deal

A cast iron skillet is a must, whether you're a serious home chef or occasional cook. This pan offers up even heating and pre-seasoning with 100% natural vegetable oil. You can use it in your oven or on the grill.
$19 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Dutch Oven Deal

A quality Dutch oven can churn out amazing results for just about any dish. Use this option on your stovetop and even put it in your oven. A nonstick coating makes cleanup easy. Choose from a slew of pretty colors.
$70 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Bakeware Deal

Like to bake? This mini muffin pan is a steal at $6. It's made of heavy duty steel for durability and has a non-stick coating for easy removal. You can bake up to 24 minis at once!
$6 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Blender Deals

Get ready to churn out amazing smoothies, sauces, dips, desserts and more. This guy pummels tough veggies, ice and frozen fruit to create silky smoothies. And at a slim size, it won't take up much counter space.
$30 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Food Scale Deal

This state-of-the art scale includes high-precision sensors that measure a wide variety of ingredients. It also sports a LCD display and stainless-steel platform that lets you easily measure your meals.
$1,100 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Coffeemaker Deals

This coffee maker brews up an impressive 14 cups at once. It's fully automatic — just place your grounds inside, push a button and wait for the delicious results. The stainless steel exterior looks nice on your countertop.
$75 at Amazon
With QuickTouch programming and extras like a Sneak-A-Cup and 2-hour auto shutoff, you can have fresh coffee with no fuss. It also features a dishwasher-safe, removable filter and a sturdy carafe.
$30 at Amazon
This coffee maker is ready for quick action: Its water tank reaches the ideal temperature in less than 25 seconds, giving you the perfect cup of coffee or espresso with lightning speed. It also looks sleek sitting on your countertop.
$180 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Egg Cooker Deal

From hard boiled and soft boiled to poached and scrambled, this versatile breakfast beast makes eggs-to-order with the push of a button!
$25 at Amazon

Post-Prime Day Storage Deal

From the brand that's known for high-quality storage solutions, come these crystal clear BPA-free plastic food-sized containers. They're 100% leak-proof and boast airtight storage that helps keep your food fresh and free of odors.
$60 at Amazon