Popstars Australia winner Scott Cain: Where is he now?

The winner of the third season of the talent show has turned his back on the limelight

Perth-based Scott Cain was a 21-year-old skateboarding furnisher polisher when he decided to try out for season three of Popstars Australia in 2002. He had some musical experience having been the singer in the band Funkapation and won best vocalist at the Hastings Valley Battle of the Bands.

Becoming the third winner of the show meant a record contract with Warner and his cover single of Stevie Wonder's Superstition and his first solo single I'm Moving On, which peaked at number one, both became gold singles.

Scott Cain
Scott Cain. Where is he now?

But his fame quickly faded. "Scott Cain was over before he started." Australian Idol judge Mark Holden told The Age in 2003.

"Record companies are not interested in artist development. It's something they don't understand; it's too difficult for them. They want to get it right first time, otherwise they just move on to the next one."

But Scott moved on too, hosting the AMTV show for Disney and then becoming a presenter on ABC Kids while still releasing music.


One thing that shocked fans of the show was that Scott was already a dad. "It has to be becoming a father," he said when asked what his most overwhelming moment was. "It's a very big thing and really changes you. It just sort of opened up this whole new way of thinking.

"I was there at the birth. I was nuts, absolutely nuts. During the contractions, I was grabbing gas. The labour lasted for about 10 hours, but after birth, it was like being in a dream. You hold her and it was absolutely incredible. It's probably the most overwhelming thing that could happen."

The surprise was not just that he had become a dad at 19, but that he had managed to keep the fact quiet during his time on Popstars.

Popstars 2002 runner-up Danielle Stearman, and wife of winner Scott Cain, in various music videos
Popstars winner Scott Cain ended up marrying his runner-up – Danielle Stearman. Photo: YouTube

"She's only two years old," he said about daughter Zoe. "And I thought people would make a big issue of it, and I didn't want people hassling her and her mum.

"She's just a shy, little two-year-old and I didn't want her to have to deal with that. Another thing is that I really didn't feel that it was necessary because she's all mine and I don't have to share her with anyone else."

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A not-so-quiet secret was the fact that Scott and fellow contestant and runner-up Danielle Stearman were dating during the show. Rumours had been circulating early on and it wasn't long before this was confirmed by the couple.

They married in Las Vegas in 2015 and they now have three children together. In 2017, SMH revealed that The Voice producers had been trying to sign Scott and Danielle for some time for the show but haven't succeeded so far.

Scott is now an award-nominated gardener on the South West Coast of Victoria. Photo: Facebook/@ScottlandYardsGardener
Scott is now an award-nominated gardener on the South West Coast of Victoria. Photo: Facebook/@ScottlandYardsGardener

The couple are now small business entrepreneurs with Danielle running Roar Success, a business awards company and The Mibblers, a baby product company.

And in 2022, Scott launched his own gardening service, but he still enjoys playing music on the side.

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