Polyamorous throuple reveal how they fell in love after meeting at the gym

The threesome live together after meeting in 2015. Photo: Australscope

A polyamorous throuple have opened up about their three-way relationship after the original twosome met their additional partner at the gym.

Despite being happily married since their teens, Mary and Leo Barillas felt something was missing from their relationship until they met Kimberlee Slagle in 2015.

The Washington-based couple crossed paths with the new love through their CrossFit and the three soon became good friends.

As they spent more time together, their friendship blossomed into a romantic attraction and they formed a throuple in September 2016.

Happy families

While the Barillas share two children Carson, nine, and four-year-old Paige, Kimberlee is mum to two boys from a previous relationship and all seven live under the same roof.

They share their family life on Instagram under the handle, @pnwtriad16, and want to inspire others to be honest with who they are even if it is outside of what is considered normal by society.

“Polyamory means being open and honest with who we are. We love more than one person and embrace that even though it is beyond the social norm,” Leo explained.

The trio live together in a blended family with their four children. Photo: Australscope

“We have not always been a triad. Kim was a friend and Mary and I are married. Kim was a member at a CrossFit gym we owned. The friendship we all had turned into attraction.”

“A romantic relationship started in 2016. Sometime that year we fell in love, probably at different times, for different reasons. We decided the three of us just vibed really well.

“Honestly, it is not very different from a traditional two-person relationship, we have a special relationship with each of our partners that we love and cherish and together we have a throuple.

Same same but different

The partner-of-two went on to explain while the structure of their family may be different to most, the core components remain somewhat traditional.

The throuple share their family life on Instagram under the handle, @pnwtriad16. Photo: Australscope

“Instead of two adults having a family, we have three adults. We all live together with our four children,” he said.

“The family members that know of our relationship have been really accepting. It is not just family though, all of our friends are also very accepting.

“We have been very fortunate to have friends and family who love us for who we are and they pay no regard to how we choose to live our lives, as long as we live a happy one.”

Leo, Mary and Kim acknowledge that their relationship might be a little out of the ordinary for some but being a throuple allows them to live their best life.

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