Poh Ling Yeow's 'strange' relationship with her two ex-husbands

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MasterChef star and current I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! camper Poh Ling Yeow has quite a surprising relationship with both of her ex-husbands, with the 49-year-old having previously described it as "stranger than fiction".

Poh has been divorced twice, and unlike many other women in her position, she doesn't just cut her exes out of her life, in fact, she's maintained professional relationships with both of them!

MasterChef's Poh Ling Yeow and ex-husband Jono
MasterChef and I'm A Celeb star Poh Ling Yeow has described her relationship with her two ex-husbands as 'stranger than fiction'. Photo: Getty

The TV chef married her first husband Matt Phipps in 1990, but the pair separated nine years later.

"We broke up on really good terms. It was still really hard. Breakups are horrible," she told the podcast I Don't Know How She Does It in 2017.


"No matter what, even now, I still have a little cry over it and it’s not because I wish we were still together or anything … but there’s something about two humans wanting to murder each other like that, that is so sad.

"When you torment each other, destroy each other. It’s still really sad."

Matt moved on, with someone Poh probably wouldn't have initially expected – her best friend Sarah Rich.

Poh on MasterChef
Both of Poh's ex-husbands work with her at Jamface. Photo: Ten

Sarah and Matt eventually married, while he was still involved with Poh's business, Jamface.

"He’s my ex-husband. She’s my best friend. And when we broke up, they got together and it’s all dandy. It’s actually really good," Poh explained.

"Everyone tries to complicate it for us … From the outside in, they’re all like ‘love triangle!’ and I’m like ‘no!’ He’s like my brother now and I think … people are never interested in the backstory. They want everything to be sordid."

Poh later went on to meet her second husband Jonathan Bennett on the MasterChef set in 2009.

Jonathan has previously admitted to Woman's Day that he was "jealous" of Poh and Matt's close friendship, saying: "It was something we all had to work on essentially".

Poh takes a selfie
Poh described her split with Jono as "the most untraumatic breakup possible". Photo: Instagram/Poh Ling Yeow

Poh and Jonathan married six years later and in early 2021 the pair split, with Jonathan also continuing to work closely with her.

"2021 is about doing the things I love and remembering who I am without another person. Jono and I broke up," Poh told The Weekend Australian in February last year, adding that it's been an amicable split.

"It’s been the most untraumatic breakup possible and I’m single again after 12 years.

"I’m enjoying negotiating life on my own, enjoying the feeling of being a lone ranger – I’ve been in serious relationships for 24 of my 47 years. But Jono and I still work together and are the best of friends. I work with husband numbers one and two. Jamface is a catalogue of failed marriages! Life is stranger than fiction."

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