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Podiatrists and nurses love these lightweight sneakers, and they're $34 right now — that's 60% off

Akk Memory Foam Walking Shoes are the superstar sneakers that on-the-go shoppers can’t stop raving about — they’ve earned nearly 20,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers. Available in more than 25 colors, from purple to peach to classic black, they just may become your favorite footwear, too. And right now, you can get a pair of the cushy, podiatrist-approved shoes on sale for as little as $34, all the way down from $80.

Lightweight, wide and roomy, these sneakers offer just the right mix of support and cushioning.

$46 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Quality walking shoes aren't cheap, and some name-brand pairs can cost up to $150. But these sneakers should have you saying, "Should we do one more lap?" for a whole lot less. (You certainly won't be saying "Akk!" because of sore feet.) Prices vary by color and size, but chances are you still won't pay more than $40 for these beloved beauties.

Why do I need this?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average American takes 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day. Think you might be below that number? Maybe all you need to get yourself moving is the right footwear.

Yahoo Life asked a pro exactly why these kicks feel like magic. "They’re accommodative, meaning they allow the foot and the ankle to move in almost any direction that weight bearing permits," explained Dr. Rock G. Positano, director of non-surgical foot and ankle services at the Joe DiMaggio Heel Pain Center at New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery.

But Akks aren't just for exercise. With soft, comfy uppers, they’re also fantastic for home use, errands, yard work — whatever your day has in store. Support matters all the time, according to the pros. As Positano put it, "The feet are the body's Michelin tires. And the last thing you want is for your foot to become a flat tire."

Positano also warned against too much barefoot time. "During the pandemic, we noticed a dramatic increase in foot and ankle disorders due to barefoot walking in the home," he said. "As comfortable as it may seem, walking barefoot increases the amount of stress that the foot must absorb." Remember: "The feet — and mainly the heel and plantar fascia — are the major shock absorbers for the body."

light blue walking sneakers with white soles
These sneakers may help you feel like you're walking on air. (Amazon)

What reviewers say:

Need a second, third and fourth opinion? Here’s what nurses have to say about these sneaks:

"Love these shoes," said one. "They are so comfy and yet lightweight. ... I need to stand for a long time. Since wearing these shoes, I don’t feel foot pain after finishing the day's work."

Another chimed in: "I am a nurse and I wear compression socks to get me through the long hours. Because these shoes are made to stretch, when I’m nearing [the end of] a 16-hour day, they don’t feel tight on my feet." Plus, they added, these shoes clean up great. "These are perfect to kick off and put in the wash.”

Said another: “I bought these for work, since I'm a nurse and walk around all day. They are soft, very comfortable and look good. People compliment me all the time. My feet never hurt!"

Got a slender foot? Take note: "Comfortable, but fit big on my narrow feet," advised a final shopper. "I kept them but replaced the elastic laces with regular tying ones so they would fit better."

These cushy walking sneakers come in 27 colors and have received five-star ratings from nearly 20,000 Amazon customers.

$34 at Amazon

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