Plus-size influencer defends herself after posting video in a bikini

Nabela Noor is responding to hate to her bikini video and telling followers that she is "not ashamed of my fat." (Photo: Instagram)

A plus-size influencer is speaking out about the hateful messages she received after she posted an Instagram video of herself wearing a bikini.

The South Asian-American content creator Nabela Noor is widely recognised for redefining standards within the beauty and fashion industries as a curvy woman of colour.

But while breaking boundaries in those spaces, Nabela doesn’t neglect to show her million-plus Instagram audience the obstacles she continues to face. Namely, the trolls that called her an “ugly fat cow” after she posted a message of self-love.

“This is my first time EVER posting myself in a bikini. This is a huge step for me in my self-love journey,” the 28-year-old captioned the Tuesday video.

“I decided to post via video so you can see this un-retouched, plus body in action. Stretch marks, cellulite & all.”

And although she received praise from hundreds of her supporters, Nabela also shed light on the horrific messages she received from bodyshamers as a result.

“I will not apologize for my body. I will not apologize for advocating self-love. I will not hide my body until it fits society’s standards of beauty,” Nabela captioned a second video posted on Thursday.

“This is what it is like being a plus-sized woman on the Internet. This is just a sample of the vile comments I receive on a DAILY BASIS.”

The following slide on the Instagram post revealed direct messages that Nabela received from someone who wrote, “you promote fatness” and even told her to “go kill yourself”.

In the video, Nabela explained she was showing the hateful messages because she is “done suffering in silence” and wanted her followers to see what happens “when you challenge the system”.

Still, she said she is “unapologetic” and will continue to work toward her mission of redefining beauty.

Her post prompted love and support from her many followers.

“Imagine hating yourself so intensely you have to invest this much passion into tearing someone happy down???” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “People honestly suck. I’m always in awe of how positive you stay despite these horrid comments. And not just positive, but you continue to inspire others to love themselves. You’re a light that cannot be dimmed.”

Fellow plus-size model, Tess Holliday, also jumped to Nabela’s defence.

“I love ugly fat cows,” Tess wrote, “and I love you!!!”

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