Plate of Origin's Chrys Hong dies aged 30

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Plate of Origin contestant Chrys Hong has passed away at the age of 30, just months after announcing she was battling Stage Four colon cancer.

The Sydney DJ, who was also known as DJ Kitty Coda, received the devastating terminal diagnosis before the show went to air.

Chrys Hong Rest in Peace Instagram message
Plate of Origin contestant Chrys Hong has passed away at the age of 30. Photo: Instagram/Chrys Kittycoda

“Chrys has passed away on night of 17 December, peacefully and surrounded by love,” her family wrote in a post to her Instagram page.

“Thank you all for your love and support for Chrys. We will continue to post her cancer fighting journey footage and cooking blogs, in the spirit of spreading the positive energy of Chrys.”

Chrys’ last Instagram post before she passed away was in November where she opened up about the pain she was in, in her cancer fighting diary.

Team China Plate of Origin
Chrys appeared on Plate of Origin this year. Photo: Instagram/Chrys Kittycoda

“My whole body is in a lot of pain a month ago especially my left leg that there’s time I can’t even walk, doctor said it’s my bone + nerve pain from the cancer, the nerve pain might be meds relevant, and when I first diagnosed with cancer doctor already found out there’s some cancer in my left hip bone.

She revealed she was undergoing an urgent CT scan after doctors found a fracture in her left hip bone where the cancer had spread to.

“Last 3 nights the pain has been so terrible, on top of my cancer pain it’s just really painful.. My doctor called me yesterday morning telling me I have to be back to the hospital as my pain is not getting any better with the new meds .”

Plate of Origin Chrys in a red beanie and jumper
She was battling Stage Four colon cancer. Photo: Instagram/Chrys Kittycoda
Chrys from Plate of Origin in hospital
Her last post on Instagram was from her cancer fighting diary. Photo: Instagram/Chrys Kittycoda

She said she didn’t want to be sick and said she hoped she wouldn’t need surgery on her hip as she wanted to go home.

In August, Chrys opened up to the Daily Telegraph about her cancer battle, saying she was given the devastating diagnosis after suffering with stomach pains.

“I really want to send a message that a lot of people feel that cancer is a word that really is far away from people of a young age like us but sometimes it’s not,” she said.

“I’m not saying that all GPs are bad, but there are some GPs who don’t take responsibility like others. Always trust yourself and get a second opinion.”

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