‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Dramatic Photos of Rare Northern Lights Event Visible at Family Home

Ree Drummond

The solar storm that caused a rare Northern Lights display across parts of the U.S. over the weekend was visible at the Drummond ranch in Oklahoma, according to new snapshots shared on social media by Ree Drummond.

The Pioneer Woman host shared three photos on Instagram on Saturday, May 11 showing the dramatic colors visible in the sky above her family’s home. In all three images, the typically dark night sky was painted with hues of purple, green and pink. Stars could be seen shining bright above even as the colors shifted from one photo to the next.

“Thank you, Rusty.🐶💚💙💜✨,” Drummond, 55, wrote in her Instagram caption. The message of thanks was a nod to the first photo in her post, which featured one of her basset hounds sitting outside next to a blue-lit hot tub. In a second photo, two of Drummond's other dogs joined Rusty as a smudge of green of the aurora borealis appeared in the sky above.

Several of Drummond’s Instagram followers were thrilled to see her shared photos. “So pretty 😍💜,” one fan wrote.

“Dogs always know where the magic is ✨💜✨,” another person commented.

“Absolutely stunning photos of the Northern Lights. I love the nighttime sky,” one Instagram user said.

Others chimed in to share their own Northern Lights sightings.

“Cool shot! We have those awesome lights in So Cal Victorville, High Desert!👊,” one fan wrote.

“Seeing them at Coweta and my granddaughter in Yukon saw them too,” another excited Instagram user said.

“They are beautiful here in Tennessee,” another fan said.

Drummond was one of countless individuals across America who saw the stunning light display not typically seen that far south. Weather experts alerted people across the Northern Hemisphere on May 10 that the rare solar storm could trigger an aurora borealis display in areas that do not usually see the Northern Lights, with the effect potentially still visible for a few days.

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