‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Recalls ‘Rough’ Injury Son Todd Sustained on the Farm as a Child

Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond recently wished her husband, Ladd, a happy Father's Day—and in doing so, she recalled a "rough" injury their son, Todd, sustained on the farm as a child.

On Sunday, June 16, the Food Network star took to Instagram with a throwback photo in honor of the day dedicated to dads.

"Ladd and Todd, 2006-ish," she captioned the snap, which showed a toddler-aged Todd (with a heavily-bandaged hand) kissing his father.

Ree continued: "Todd loved superheroes and thought the branding iron was a sword. 🫤 Despite the rough day, I love this pic from later that evening. Happy Father’s Day to the father of my babies. ❤️😭."

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In the comments, fans reacted to the painful story, with one Instagram user writing, "Awww! Sweet tough little AND big cowboys. And I’m quite sure mama cowgirl was being super tough for her baby too."

Another commented, "Ouch! Tough lesson," while someone else echoed, "My heart hurt reading that. Ouch."

Meanwhile, one Instagram user wrote, "Aww…what a beautiful picture, Ree! 🥹 (despite sweet little Todd’s injury! 😢) Happy Father’s Day to Ladd, and ALL the wonderful dads out there! 💙💙💙."

Yet another declared, "This is precious and bless Todd’s heart that had to have hurt something fierce."

In addition to Todd, 20, Ree and Ladd share four other adult children: Bryce Drummond, 21, Jamar Goff, 21, Paige Drummond, 26, and Alex Drummond, 24.

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