‘Pioneer Woman’s Ree Drummond Is ‘So Happy’ as Daughter Alex Shares Gender Reveal Video for First Child

Ree Drummond is celebrating an exciting family update that her oldest daughter, Alex, shared with fans on Sunday, June 30.

The 27-year-old recently announced that she and her husband, Mauricio Scott, are expecting their first child together. The baby will also make Drummond, 55, a grandmother for the first time.

As The Pioneer Woman host revealed on her blog, the expecting couple told her their news several weeks ago by giving her an early Mother’s Day gift. By the end of June, the parents-to-be had shared another exciting update as they posted a gender reveal video on Instagram.

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In the video, Alex and Mauricio gathered outside with their golden retriever, George, who wore a green bandana featuring “Big Brother” stitching.

“Welcome to our gender reveal,” Alex said to the camera. “My heart is racing.”

Mauricio agreed before asking his wife if she was “ready” to learn their baby’s sex.

“I’m so nervous! Wait, no,” she said. The edited video cut to a new clip showing them back in place once they felt prepared for the proceedings. Mauricio held a cupcake out for George to bite into, expecting to see blue or pink coloring inside. The couple had a false start with their first cupcake, realizing that their dog had taken too large of a bite and left no color behind.

Their second try was a success as Mauricio turned the remaining cupcake half to the camera, revealing a dot of pink inside.

“It’s a girl! It’s a girl, Georgie,” Alex exclaimed, giving the dog a hug. She and Mauricio pressed their heads together as they laughed joyfully over the news.

“I’m so excited!” Mauricio said.

The grandmother-to-be was in full agreement.

“Thank you God for the gift of daughters!! ❤️ We are so happy! Ladd will have her on a horse by the age of two….” the Food Network star commented on her daughter’s video.

Paige, Alex’s younger sister, also left an excited comment on the post. “Yayyyy!!! Can’t wait to meet my niece 🩷🩷🩷,” she wrote.

The happy couple also shared the gender reveal video to their Instagram accounts and paired it with The Temptations’ “My Girl.”

“We’re having a……🤭,” Alex’s caption said. “Hopefully George loves his little sister half as much as he loved those cupcakes!”

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