Pink's father Jim Moore dies following cancer battle: 'Til forever'

Singer Pink's father Jim Moore has died following a battle with prostate cancer. The 41-year-old took to Instagram on Friday to mourn her father by sharing a pair of throwback photos of them, one from when she was a child, and another from her 2006 wedding to Carey Hart.

She captioned the snaps, "Til forever."

Pink and father Jim Moore
Pink's father Jim Moore has died following a battle with prostate cancer with the singer sharing a heartbreaking tribute. Photo: Getty

Photographer Jade Beall commented, "Oh my love. Your precious heart. Oh it’s so hard."

Author Jen Pastiloff added, "Worst pain... love you."


Actress Kerri Kennet-Silver, a good friend of Pink's, wrote, "I loved him so."

Pink shared another picture of herself and the Vietnam War veteran performing ‘I Have Seen the Rain’ – which Jim wrote while serving in Vietnam – at a show in New York City in 2006.

"Daddy-Sir," she wrote alongside the photo.

Pink dances with father Jim Moore
Pink shared this childhood snap of herself and her father with the caption, "Til forever." Photo: Instagram/Pink

In July last year, Pink revealed her father was undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer and that he had "fractured his back, lost function in his legs".

"This is my dear Dad this morning headed in for surgery," she captioned the photo of her father in a hospital bed. "He just finished his second round of chemo for prostate cancer, fell off a ladder and fractured his back, lost function in his legs until my battered and bruised husband shared his brilliant doctor... Dr. Bray of DISC sports and Spine Center (I love this man with all of my heart) all three of these aforementioned men actually.

"But here he is, my Dad, scared and in pain sitting with the love of his life, our Grace, and what’s he doing???? Smiling. Cracking jokes. Making everyone else feel better. He’s already back to his old tricks ten hours later, talking about napalm and snipers and viruses and blood puddles.... oh, Dad. How amazing it is to watch you whistle through Hell."

Jim Moore in hospital
Pink shared this photo from when Jim was in hospital last year. Photo: Instagram/Pink

On Father's Day in 2018, Pink shared a photo of herself and Jim, writing, "He has been my person all of my life. He has fought monsters in my closet, and monsters that posed as principals in school buildings, you name it. He has taken on the world for and with me, no questions asked. He made me feel important. He made me think I was worth loving. He taught me how to do it all myself. And when no one else was there, he told me to love myself."

"I thank my stars for this man, that he was strong enough not only to fight his own monsters but mine too, and now my kids," she added. "I love you daddy sir. Happy Father's Day."

In 2019, Pink shared the advice she had been given by her father while receiving her Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

"Today, for me, is a celebration of something that my dad taught me, and that is, 'To thine own self be true,'" she said at the 2019 celebration, according to People. "If you walk along this boulevard and you look at these names, there is a power that lies in that. 'To thine own self be true.'"

"There's a power in believing in yourself. There's a power in not giving up on life and in not giving up on yourself," she added then. Today proves that."

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