Pilaf, Demi Moore's tiny Chihuahua, was 'moved' by Tom Holland's performance in “Romeo & Juliet”

Pilaf, Demi Moore's tiny Chihuahua, was 'moved' by Tom Holland's performance in “Romeo & Juliet”

A cultured girlie who appreciates the theater.

A star has been born amid Demi Moore's press tour for her series Feud: Capote vs. the Swans and upcoming film The Substance: Pilaf, her 3-year-old, 1.5-pound Chihuahua.

Mostly carried around in a sling by her famous human, the four-legged starlet has already appeared in the pages of Vogue, W Magazine, and PEOPLE as she takes New York and Cannes Film Festival, among other destinations. Her latest stop? London, for the West End production of Tom Holland and Francesca Amewudah-Rivers' Romeo & Juliet, which "moved" the pup.

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"She's like my little friend, my partner, my little travel mate," Moore recently told Daily Mail. "And she's just a joy. I usually have her in a little sling. We go everywhere together. She's been to the French Open and the Louvre. She's been to Broadway shows. She recently saw Tom Holland in Romeo & Juliet in London. She was quite moved. She thought the performance was extraordinary, as it was."

<p>Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty </p> Demi Moore, Pilaf

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty

Demi Moore, Pilaf

From Jamie Lloyd, the reimagining of William Shakespeare's famed love story opened last month and is set to run until August at the Duke of York’s Theatre.

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The well-traveled girlie made her television debut when Moore appeared on Stephen Colbert's late night show earlier this year, where the actress spoke about her attempt to submit Pilaf into the Guinness World Record over her teeny tiny stature.

"We looked into this because she literally is the size of a guinea pig," Moore told Colbert. "In the Guinness book it's about height. So her legs, which are kind of supermodel long, did not fit as the smallest dog. So there's another one that is shorter."

Moore then brought Pilaf onto stage, where Colbert cradled the pup in his suit jacket. "I don't actually want to talk to you anymore, I want to talk to Pilaf," the host said.

"The truth is," Moore said, "I am her accessory."

To follow more of Pilaf's adventures, follow her on Instagram.

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